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Welcome to Self Known

You are valuable. You are enough. What you have to say means something.

I want to help you spread your message and dig deeper into your life. Let's go beyond the fluff and focus on the bigger picture. Those dreams that burn bright in the back of your mind. The daydreams, the secret wishes, what we spend every little moment of free time we can on.

Let's vow to live bigger, better and bolder lives.

Rosie, Founder of Self Known

"Ever since she began her blogging journey in late 2011, Rosie has been passionate about creating content that helps herself and others lead courageous, emboldened lives. In her free time, she dabbles in web design, sings with her church's worship team, and writes novels she longs to share with the world."

Something you should know about me: I love the "obscure".

Don't get me wrong. Mainstream is swag - and generally, my cup of tea - but there's something about the purity of a small discovery. How it winds its way around your heart, binds itself to you and makes your brain whirl.

The discovery of something small (according to the world's standards) is like a little bird trying to fly. There is little wind to carry it. And it's so new.



YOU are a little bird.

Let’s fly.

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