What is it like to be you? [I wanna know // Open collab project]

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What is it like to be you?

I got the inspiration from this while reading my psychology textbook back in the Fall. I spend all this time on my blog talking about me me me, I I I, that sometimes I forget about you, my dearest reader. What is your life like? How do you deal with things that pop up? Where do you draw inspiration from?

The answers to these questions and more is why I've decided that 2018 will be the year Self Known extends beyond MY self to reach into the lives of others.

But I need your help with this.


This is basically a guest posting opportunity/interview/personal essay type project with the goal of getting your story out to the world. I'm hungry to know what life is like from your perspective, so with your permission, I'd like to collaborate and get your message out.

If you need an idea of the type of work we will be creating, please refer to my post What It's Like Living With Social Anxiety.


This project is open throughout 2018. With that said, I'm planning on going to school full time this semester, so... I'm relying on YOU to keep me accountable. ;)


Email me at rosecolflesh@gmail.com with the subject title: To Be YOUR NAME

And that's all. I'll get back to you ASAP and we can get started telling your message to the world! I look forward to collaborating with you. :)

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  1. Oh this is an interesting idea, I might do this.


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