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January 2018

If you are reading this, that means that the first month of 2018 is over.

Already the time escapes me! But I am not phased - I'm actually really happy. January was a month of experimenting, working, and the start of school. I have been all over the place, in a good way. I'm starting to love this whole figuring out what to do with my time thing. It's a scary and exciting journey, all in one.

Let's jump in, shall we?

This month's goals:

  • Reach 100 followers on the Miraculous Ladybug Amino app [COMPLETE]
  • Create an email opt-in [NOPE]
  • Outline The Visionaries Book 3 [COMPLETE - aha, sorta]
  • Determine the plot of The Visionaries Book 1 [SOMEWHAT - as in not really]
  • Start Spring Semester [COMPLETE]

4/5 isn't bad, huh? Especially since school has been the focus for more than half the month. :)

Daily habits:

  • Exercise - I've gotten into the routine lately of taking at least 5 minutes to do something, whether that be focusing on my arms with a few push-ups or squatting. This has been very enjoyable for me and I hope to start getting up earlier so I can fit more exercise into my routine.
  • Water (96oz) - I. Love. Water! And surprisingly I've gotten used to drink at least three bottles of it a day. I notice a difference in my skin when I drink enough water (especially on my forehead) so if you're struggling with acne, I'd recommend keep a water bottle near you throughout the day! (Side note: You will have to pee a LOT more. Just sayin'.)
  • Quiet time - Out of the blue I started doing this in the mornings, just before January first. I take the time to journal, pray, and read a few pages of a book. Every time I do this, I feel so centered. Even if life gets sucky, doing this centers me and grounds me. I feel like God's got my back, even if I don't feel 100%.
  • Write (500+ words) - I was not the most successful at this, but I did try my best to set aside time to write. This goal has written many future blog posts (STAY TUNED) and even inspired new ideas for my novels! How fun!
  • Edit (30 min.) - Last year this would always be the item that I decided could wait. This month I decided I wouldn't put it off anymore. I am going to edit my book. Once a day. Even if I don't have thirty minutes to set aside. There will be a book by the end of 2018. Just you wait and see.


  • I saw three movies in theaters this month!
    • Jumanji
    • The Greatest Showman
    • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • I discovered make-up wipes and they've changed my skin. My acne has gone down significantly, even with the added stress of school. I still have hormonal breakouts, but even those haven't been so bad.
  • I realized I consume a lot of media just to waste time. From now on, I want to fill my time with more productivity and less noise.
  • I published a piano cover this month and I would really appreciate it if you checked it out. There's no singing, just my fingers poking away at the keys. ;) ALSO, if you have any songs YOU want to hear, I'd love to know! I'm hoping to put out a piano cover every month, just for fun. :)
  • If you're into anime, I'd like to suggest The Devil is a Part-Timer. It's hilarious and I may have a crush on Satan. <-- Not the weirdest thing I've ever said, surprisingly.

And that's about it. I hope January was just was awesome for you as it was for me. Make sure to tell me about -- highs AND lows -- in the comment section below.

How was your January? :)


  1. Those are all great things! I just discovered makeup wipes too, they are so nice.

    What did you think of The Last Jedi?

  2. I love what a productive month you had! You go, girl!


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