I made a goal breakdown for you :)

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I hadn't planned on posting anything until next year (WHICH IS WAY TOO CLOSE - BACK OFF BRO) but this idea fell into my head as I was working on my 2018 goals, and I HAD to write about it before the New Year.

The 2018 Focus Workbook.

This is my own personal creation. Year after year I have made big goals and NEVER gotten them done. This year, however, will be different.

(Famous last words, eh?)

I figured out during finals that if I list out the projects I have and then further break them down into bite-sized steps, I feel way less overwhelmed and much more focused. So when I was making my own breakdown sheets for my goals, I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, I bet other people will want this too!"

I basically followed my goal breakdown process and put it in a worksheet format for you.

I aimed for a very simple design so that the action steps wouldn't be outshone by fancy fonts or wild colors that didn't meet your personal taste. It's also very customizable in a sense that if you want to add borders to it or doodles, you can. I made this with you in mind so that you could add color, stickers, or whatever would make it personal for you. :)

Click here to download and print out this workbook fo' FREE.

How to use it:

  • Print out these worksheets and follow these instructions - OR go about it your own way! There are no rules. :)
  • Start by choosing a word of focus for your 2018. (Mine is Forward.) Brainstorm several words until you find one that really strikes a chord with you. This is important because you will be looking at this word every day!
  • On the next page list the goals that you have for your life. Just brain dump it all out, it doesn't have to be neat. Include goals that will take more than a year, less than a year, or even a year exactly - don't limit your timeline. Also, include deadlines. Very specific ones! These will help you so much. If you don't know how long it will take you, always be more generous than strict with yourself when deciding on a deadline.
  • On the monthly spread, I like to assign a specific color to each of my goals and then, focusing on one at a time, write down the big steps for those goals in a month by month manner. Depending on how many goals you have, you may have to print more than one of these sheets out.
  • I included a specific month "tracker" because this year I would really like to assign a monthly focus, some goals, and have a space dedicated to giving me an overview of the month. I am a very visual person, so seeing what has to be done when (in a calendar set up) helps A LOT.
  • I designed the Weekly and Daily Grind pages so that they could be taped to the wall side by side next to my desk so I would have a visual representation of my progress over the week. Again, this visual reminder plus the act of checking off items on a list is very helpful and satisfying so this will fuel me to continue to keep up with it week after week. I was also thinking instead of printing out a new weekly sheet 52 times throughout the year, I could minimize waste by using a different marker each week for up to four (maybe five?) weeks. This will add some color, keep my months on the same page, and give me something to look forward to looking at when 2019 rolls around and I want to do a yearly review. :)

Are you going to use this? Or do you have your own system in place? Let me know in the comment section below!

Make sure to share this with your friends so that you guys can walk into 2018 and KILL it!

(pea ess: One of my goals for 2018 is to step up my blogging game, so watch out! Awesome things are headed your way...)

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  1. Radical! I love it. :) I have a lot of goals in 2018 and writing them out and breaking them down into mini-goals always helps me as well! Thank you for this. :) I hope you have the best new year yet!


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