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How to Take Care of What You Own

I got a new laptop recently -- it's one with a working hinge!!! Eep! -- and while I was waiting for 1242 photos to upload to my computer, I came up with a brilliant idea:

Why don't I clean out EVERYTHING I own?

I've actually done this several times before, due to room rearranging and weird urges to clean thoroughly. For some reason, it's almost compulsive for me to clear the cache on my phone or remove clothes from my wardrobe I haven't worn in a while. I like to make sure I have the maximum amount of space. I strive for efficiency and order in my life. But there are some things I just don't set time aside to sort out.

That's why I compiled a list to share with you. Because I can't be the only one who wants to get organized, eh? :) Also, it comes in PDF format, free of charge AND email sign up, if you click right... here.

How to Take Care of the Stuff I Own

Clean out your...


  • Laptop/Desktop
    • Wipe down the screen with a glass cleaner.
    • Use the sticky bit of a Post-It to get gunk from in between the keys.
  • Phone
    • Delete apps you don't use.
    • Clear the cache.
    • Delete photos you don't want to keep. Of the photos left over, upload those to the cloud and then delete them from your phone.
    • Select and apply a new, inspiring wallpaper.
  • TV DVR, your Netflix list (I mean, are you seriously going to watch Reign? It's been on your list for weeks now...), iPod (update that music, bro!) and any other devices you use on a daily basis.

Social Media

  • Instagram
    • Are you following people you A) don't know who they are, B) don't like the message they're conveying or C) they've been inactive for over 6 months? Unfollow them. It's okay to do so!
    • Are there photos you posted that, at the time, seemed like a good idea to post but now you cringe every time you see them? D e l e t e !
    • Remove yourself from group chats you no longer want to participate in.
  • Snapchat
    • Are there people you don't know following you? Are you following people you don't know? Unfriend them if that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    • For safety reasons, you may want to make sure the Snapchat GPS thing isn't on. That way, people can't creep on where you're at.
  • Pinterest
    • Are there accounts/users who have gone inactive? Unfollow.
    • Are there pins that don't work or boards that don't fit your aesthetic? Delete.
  • Ask similar questions as you go through your Facebook, Twitter, blogs you follow, YouTube and any other social media platform you're on! (Like WeHeartIt or Tumblr)


  • Docs
    • Merge ideas that never completely came to life into one Doc. You'll thank yourself later.
  • Gmail
    • Delete those Ulta promos. I mean seriously.
  • Photos, Calendar, Google+, etc. Go through it allllll...


  • Bedroom
    • Change your sheets and pillow cases. I mean, when was the last time you did that Rose?
  • Bathroom
    • Fill up the toilet paper roll or add a few rolls to the stash.
    • Wipe down your mirror, your sink, and the shower/tub.
    • Get rid of those empty shampoo bottles and the products that make your scalp itch.
  • Make-up
    • Clean your brushes, sponges, eyelash curler and any other tools you use to apply products.
    • Sort through your stash and finally get rid of that crusty lip gloss you never wear. Also, check the dates on your products and try to think back to when you originally purchased them. Have they "expired"? Is it time to get fresh products, or maybe even try something new?
  • Jewelry
    • Earrings without a buddy, warped rings, broken necklace chains, etc.: Toss 'em.
    • Pieces you haven't worn/never will wear: Regift to someone else. 
  • Wardrobe
    • Cool trick for this: Take your hanging clothes and flip them around so the hanger is the opposite way to what you're used to. As you wear clothes, put them back on the rack normally. In a month or so, you'll be able to see the pieces you have worn and the pieces you haven't. Sift through what you haven't and decide if you should gift/sell/donate them.
    • Anything with holes, inappropriate sizing or makes you gag: Toss out immediately.
  • Shoes
    • If they no longer fit, why are they still in your closet?
    • Any shoes you've completely worn through, toss out. If it's a simple fix, like the laces broke, go out and finally buy new ones.
  • Those bits and bobs you tend to collect: For me it was is aesthetic packaging and tissue paper (I will say I kept the paper and stored it away for later use #Christmas)
    • Get rid of them. Come on now.
  • Old Papers
    • School - Sort or toss.
    • Personal - Sort or toss. You get to decide their importance.
  • Books (this one hurts to list)
    • If you're freeing yourself from books, feel free to contact me and let me know. Because I will accept them. (I am serious about this!)

Re-gift the stuff you don't use. Or if you can't, throw them away.

Yes, it hurts to see your money -- or maybe even someone's gift to you -- go to "waste". But if you're not using it, it's going to waste anyway. Regifting and donating are great ways to not only contribute less to waste, but help others out was well.

Make a place for each item.

Books go on the bookshelf. Notebooks stacked away. Clothes get hung up. Papers do not sprawl across your desk like it's their new home. They don't stay there for three weeks as you procrastinate on what to do with them. Nope. Everything gets a place. And if you can't find one, make one. Buy organizers. Experiment with placement. Get super into this and set everything up so you can flow through your morning routine.

This isn't limited to physical items.

You own yourself, right? Get all that junk out of your head. Stop reliving cringy memories and start making new ones. Work yourself out of the habit of negative self-talk. Do power poses (thank you Abbiee). Get off of Instagram when you start comparing yourself to her or wishing you had his eyelashes.

Journal more and complain less. Clear your mental space. Face obstacles like they're a challenge to improve yourself, not knock you flat on your back.

Do the scary thing.

What is one thing you are going to take care of right now?

Phew. Is there something on this list that I missed?

Let me know by telling me in the comment section below! Oh, and if you made it this far, include the word "charismatic". Somehow. You're creative, I know you can do it. ;)


  1. Love this, will definitely be doing this!

    1. Yay! Let me know how it goes!

  2. ahhh this is so so helpful, i'm definitely going to use this later. i have SUCH a bad habit of just... letting things build up :P

    ~ noor

  3. Aww I love this! I ask myself the same questions on social media! xx

  4. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT REMINDER WOW. Lately I've seriously been itching to reorganize my entire life, so I will definitely be using your list. It's very charismatic;)

  5. GAAAH, Rose, I love this. I, too, compulsively clean up my space on occasion. This list 100% gave me some new ideas for how to more efficiently do that. THANK YOU!


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