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GlassesShop Experience & Review

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with GlassesShop. All opinions are my own.

My Experience

Sandy from GlassesShop reached out to me back in April to ask if I would like to collaborate with her company. They would send me a pair of their glasses for free and in return I would review them on my blog. I can't begin to explain how excited I was. This is my first collaboration with a company. I feel #ProBlogger status.

I replied with a big fat YES and gave them the information they asked for. She replied within a few days to say the order was arranged and that she would send me a tracking number. "Please wait for my email patiently," she said.

On May 3rd I get a package in the mail. I hadn't received an email but I had a sneaking suspicion. Sure enough, it was from GlassesShop. They had sent my eyeglasses!

Sort of.

The glasses they sent were not the glasses I ordered. Thinking it was a mix up, I sent an email to Sandy informing her that the glasses they sent weren't what I asked for. I asked if we could fix this.

Her reply:

Hi Nicole,

I'm really sorry the glasses you ordered is out of stock,And If you can accept this pair of glasses this time?

I promise you can post this glasses firstly,Then,When the glasses your ordered originally is in stock,I will apply for send you this pair of glass again,ok?

Sorry for the late news to inform you.

Looking forward your early reply.

Best Regards^-^


A critical business pillar this company did not meet was communication. I would have greatly appreciated a simple email that stated, "The glasses you wanted are out of stock - would you like to choose something different?" Though that didn't happen, I can say GlassesShop is at least worth a chance. They were willing to substitute an item for something that wasn't available AND supply what I originally wanted. In the end, I get two pairs of glasses for free.

2.5 stars out of five for this company

Glasses Review

Now on to the actual review. I couldn't find the exact pair they sent me, but these are a close match.

The glasses came with a nice clear plastic case with on it and a super nice cleaning cloth. The case seems durable and it is padded on the bottom with a thin layer of foam.

I wouldn't have picked this style for myself, but they do look pretty good. And even though they're similar to a pair I already own, the subtle differences are enough to make me feel like I'm switching things up.

So cuuute

The prescription in the glasses does its job and I'm able to see far away and up close as I need to. The only potential problem I see is that the plastic frames may not take many hits before it breaks. They're not flimsy but they are leaning towards that side of the durability spectrum.

Along with a multitude of glasses frames, the GlassesShop also has an array of prescription sunglasses [my favorite being these] to choose from. Variety coupled with reasonable prices are enough to convince me to share this company with you. If you're looking to expand your glasses wardrobe without breaking the bank, GlassesShop may be a good fit for you. Their customer service needs some touching up, but as with any company, there's always room for improvement.

Keep your mind open. Sometimes God can gift things to you in a way that appears unconventional.

Be on the lookout for an update post where I share a review of the glasses I originally wanted!! :) Have you been rocking any new fashion accessories lately? Let me know in the comments.



  2. The glasses look great on you and you are just flat out BEAUTIFUL


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