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April 2017 | Best month yet!

This is a transparent monthly reflection where I take the time to look back, view my progress and make adjustments.

Monthly Project: Write.

I had this fabulous story idea come to me during this month, and I pretty much dropped everything that wasn't essential to write through it.

Health → Exercise 3 days/week, drink 65oz. water/day

Exercise: 12/12 (100%)

Notes: Yoga is crazy fun. Okay? Okay.

Water: 15/30 (50%)

Notes: I wasn't very good at keeping track this month (ehe) so this is just a guess. But definitely near the end of this month I began to crack down on my water consumption.

Relationships → Reach out to one new person a week

How many people I reached out to or met: 2

Did I ask them a deep/personal question? No, but I did listen.

Did I record my encounters? Yes.

Notes: The last week of April I officially met two older women from my church whom I'd seen around but hadn't introduced myself to. They were so sweet and so kind. (One of them even gave me iced tea and crackers!)

Finances → Grow

March income: $35

Notes: Picking up sticks. It's a booming business.

Career → Prep book for publication

I edited this month: ...briefly. For like, five minutes. Total.

Notes: I can't believe I'm still putting this off. I'll work it back into my schedule. Somehow.

Personal/Spiritual Development → Earn my Bachelor's degree

I began a new class: Microeconomics - I'm almost done!

Notes: At first this class was a little bit hard to get into, but not only do the concepts make sense, they're actually applicable to my everyday life. This makes me so happy.

Play/Recreation → Write 500 600+ words/day

How many days this month I wrote: 23/30 (77%)

Notes: EEEEEP. Writing as been my favorite thing to do this month - so much so that I challenged myself to 100 more words than usual. Woot woot!

Service → Post on my blog (at least) once a month.

I posted this month on Self Known: *awkward laugh* I updated my About page at least.


Notes: Thank you for even clicking on this post. <3

This month’s notes:


  • Do you ever wonder if you're seen as just another voice begging for attention?
  • The realization that there's so much more.
  • I have been stuck.


  • I've had lots of ideas this month. I want to experiment with other platforms to share my talents in different ways. YouTube and Wattpad mainly.
  • There's an IKEA opening in my area soon and the thought makes me happy dance.
  • The realization that there's so much more.
  • I have been growing.
  • Finch Day

April Favorites

How was your April, friend?


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