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March 2017 | Goals, Emotional Progress + Favorites

This is a transparent monthly reflection where I take the time to look back, view my progress and make adjustments.

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Monthly Project: I didn't decide on one specifically, but it became complete and pass Intro to Biology class...

Which I did!!! ANNNND it took a lot of time. But it was 10000% worth it. :)

Health → Exercise 3 days/week, drink 65oz. water/day

Exercise: 16/14 (114%)

Notes: Near the end of this month we did lots of yard work, walking the dog and moving around that I barely had time to prioritize my yoga! I kind of slipped out of the routine, but I'm hoping to get back into it in April. :)

Water: 10/31 (32%)

Notes: Yikes. Not a good water month. I'll tell you, though I drink water every day, I just couldn't seem to get myself to achieve the goal. I'm excited to ease back into it next month, because drinking lots of water has really been helping my skin.

Relationships → Reach out to one new person a week

How many people I reached out to or met: 1

Did I ask them a deep/personal question? Not exactly... She was a waitress and I asked her how long it would take before eight could be seated...

Did I record my encounters? Nah.

Notes: Didn't quite reach out to many people this month. But I will definitely make more of an effort next month! :)

Finances → Grow to $7k/month

March income: $15

Notes: Not bad, not bad. I'm making progress in this area, even if the numbers don't show it.

Career → Prep book for publication

I wrote out the TMM synopsis: Yes

I found this awesome resource and I'm pretty much redoing all my work: Yes

Am I excited? YES

Notes: I was completely unmotivated in this area until the end of the month when I finally sucked it up and asked myself, "Rose, how long do you want to put this off?" My book is going to be published. Just you wait and see. ;)

Personal/Spiritual Development → Earn my Bachelor's degree

I completed my college Biology class: Yes

I passed my college Biology class: YES

I began a new class: Coming soon {:

Notes: This was truly the focus of my month. Biology was HARD for me, to say the least, so I definitely worked overtime to make sure I was actually learning. Though everything else slipped a little, I'm okay with that and I'm content with my results.

Play/Recreation → Write 500+ words/day

I wrote this month: Yeppers

How many days this month I wrote: 23/31 (74%)

Notes: Finally, inspiration! I was beginning to think I would be stuck, but now I've gotten into the groove of writing "effortlessly". Let's see if I can keep it up...

Service → Post on my blog (at least) once a month.

I posted this month on Self Known: Yes! Three times in fact. *high five*

Link to posts:

Notes: I was inspired this month to clear out all my old blog post drafts, and in the process of doing that I somehow became inspired to write three posts this month instead of one. ;) I love writing and I love sharing with you guys. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. <3

This month’s notes:


  • I sort of slipped out of doing yoga three days a week, but I'm not too worried because with the lovely spring weather rolling in, I'll be outside and moving around a lot more (than I was in the winter).
  • As I begin my breakthrough to better living, I've been fighting a spiritual battle. Somedays it's hard to keep myself "in check" and apply what I learn. But it's a learning process. Mistakes need to be made so I know where to make adjustments.


  • I got a daybed! The daybed I have been dreaming about getting since FOREVER. I am so so happy with it. Picture of it is above.
  • One Night - At the beginning of March I went to a free concert put on by churches in my area to bring believers together in a night of worship. The focus was completely on Jesus and I was blown away.
  • Recently I have been setting aside time to practice guitar. It started when I wanted to learn how to play Safe and Sound (from the Hunger Games soundtrack) and I stuck with it. (Which is amazing because I've had my guitar for almost two years...)
  • Reuben sandwiches on St.Patrick's Day - I am so thankful for food.
  • After acing my Biology exam this month, I went on spring break, leaving a huge chunk of time in the middle of the day that I didn't know what to do with. So the Sunday before break I decided I was going to use that time as my quiet time. I had been putting it off for who knows how long, because I always had the excuse "there are more pressing things to do". But not that I've sat myself down to get 'er done, I wish I'd done it sooner! Quiet time (with the new addition of prayer time) has become the centering part of my day. I notice that I feel more alive, more aware, and much more at peace throughout my day because of it. Thank You, Jesus. <3

NEW ADDITION: My favorites of the month!

  • See
  • Touch
    • A few months ago, my father got the softest scarf in the world and I stole it from him. Several warm days into spring and I still enjoy how soft and cuddly it is. (I'm actually sitting on it right now as I type. o.O)
  • Hear
    • Ed Sheeran's new album ÷ (Divide)
      • Favorite songs:
        • Save Myself
        • Happier
        • Dive
        • ALL OF THEM
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Taste
    • IKEA Chocolate Dessert Treats made of oats and dark cocoa powder. They're super easy to make and my family has been devouring them.
  • Smell
    •  ~ Neutral zone ~
  • Wear

How was your March, friend?


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