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I made a goal breakdown for you :)

I hadn't planned on posting anything until next year (WHICH IS WAY TOO CLOSE - BACK OFF BRO) but this idea fell into my head as I was working on my 2018 goals, and I HAD to write about it before the New Year.

The 2018 Focus Workbook. This is my own personal creation. Year after year I have made big goals and NEVER gotten them done. This year, however, will be different.
(Famous last words, eh?)
I figured out during finals that if I list out the projects I have and then further break them down into bite-sized steps, I feel way less overwhelmed and much more focused. So when I was making my own breakdown sheets for my goals, I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, I bet other people will want this too!"

I basically followed my goal breakdown process and put it in a worksheet format for you.
I aimed for a very simple design so that the action steps wouldn't be outshone by fancy fonts or wild colors that didn't meet your personal taste. It's also very customizable in a…

it finally makes sense.

I'm taking a break. Don't miss me too much while I'm gone, eh? (Read the quote.)

Constantly Combating: Giving Up

Hello, friend. You may or may not remember me, but I'm Rosie. If you're new or seasoned, welcome to Self Known. You may want to grab a cup of tea because I like to make it cozy in here. Please introduce yourself to me in the comment section below. Give me your (nick)name, a unique fact, and tell me something exciting that's happening in your life.

Now, without further ado...

* * *
Constantly Combating: The eternal feeling of giving up. I am a Project Starter. Maybe you've heard of my kind before? We usually get LOTS of ideas, especially in the middle of the night. We keep notebooks on our nightstand, in our cars, and in our bags. We have lists and notes on our phone. "Shampoo bottles for the blind" and "Evil villain that disguises himself as Pikachu" are just a few of the things we've written down when struck by our muse.
When we're inspired, it's as though there's a fire lit under our bums. We GO. We DO. We already have the end resu…

Step 37 to honing your craft: Stop partaking in it for way too long

Honestly, the things that work for all the big shot writers have always scared me. "I push through the writer's block."
"I get up at 5AM to watch the sunrise as I write 1,000 words. Once I hit that goal, I stop and starve myself until the next day so I can continue writing."
"I'm J. K. Rowling."
"Writing is my life. Without it, I would die."
It scares me because I don't work that way. I never have. I came into the writing game "late" so to speak. I only really started when it felt like the real world wasn't safe enough for me to live in anymore, and in order to escape, I had to make up my own. I would write for hours, staying up late (which was just past 10 o'clock back in those days -- nowadays "late" is after midnight), hiding the light of my laptop from my parents and always thinking about my work.
I'm no longer like that now. Don't get me wrong! I love writing! I love writing so much it kills …


This is a concept I came up with a million years ago * but I am just getting around to expressing. I guess some ideas take longer to formulate than others...

* Approximate

Humans fight for their rights all the time. It's time for your favorite characters to fight back as well.

I feel like everyone has read a book that clicks with them. That book that you want to share with friends, family, teachers, and even random people on the street because you feel it's just that good. (Bonus points if you've actually told a stranger about your favorite book.) I know that when I talk and rant about a book to my family members their eyes tend to glaze over, or their attention flits back to what they were originally doing. I don't blame them. I'm not the best at explaining things verbally. But that's not going to stop me from spreading the love I have for The Book.

On the flip side...
There is a small chance that when you do share your book, and someone does pick it up, they e…

How to Take Care of What You Own

I got a new laptop recently -- it's one with a working hinge!!! Eep! -- and while I was waiting for 1242 photos to upload to my computer, I came up with a brilliant idea:

Why don't I clean out EVERYTHING I own?
I've actually done this several times before, due to room rearranging and weird urges to clean thoroughly. For some reason, it's almost compulsive for me to clear the cache on my phone or remove clothes from my wardrobe I haven't worn in a while. I like to make sure I have the maximum amount of space. I strive for efficiency and order in my life. But there are some things I just don't set time aside to sort out.
That's why I compiled a list to share with you. Because I can't be the only one who wants to get organized, eh? :) Also, it comes in PDF format, free of charge AND email sign up, if you click right... here.
How to Take Care of the Stuff I OwnClean out your...ElectronicsLaptop/DesktopWipe down the screen with a glass cleaner.Use the sticky…

The Tree Folk (pt. 5)

*blows dust off keyboard and wipes screen with sleeve*

Yo. *taps device* You still there? It's been awhile. BUT I'M BACK. Did you miss me? Or more importantly, did you miss Sienna and her friends? ;)

Especially that Lief boy. I mean come on now...

Thank you for waiting for patiently for this *cough* last *cough* update.

What? Who said that? Hey! Come back here!

- - -
Sienna was silent for the rest of the day.

Her smother would have been very proud. She’d always asked Sienna to stop talking so she could hear the person on the other side of the phone.

“Sorry, what was that? There was a pest buzzing around my ear.”

At least Sienna knew what it was really like to have pests buzzing about her ears. The tent Lief had stuck her in lived across from the paddock the green people kept their livestock in. Fat flies skirted in through holes and tried to wash their hands on her sweaty forehead.

Lief hadn’t unbound her or left her with any sort of instructions. He had simply made sure she pl…

It's been a while...

New things are happening in my life. Which is good, because that means I'm progressing and, you know, living. And whatnot.

A lot has gone on. If you're interested, keep reading...
I broke up with a friend a while ago, but it seems that lately, while I have a ton of things on my plate, it's something that's been haunting me in the back of my mind.

I am now "free", but with freedom I now know there comes an emotional toll. Sometimes it still hurts and I crave that closeness of another human who understood me. It's hard to step back and remind myself that I'm better now, less angry, much freer, and almost -- dare I say? -- happier.

But even with all the good, this fresh start has made me realize how much I have isolated myself. Even from other bloggers. I beg for community yet make no effort to reach out. Scratch that, I have tried. Every time I did, though, it felt... awkward. Is this because I'm so used to the rhythm of past friendships? Is it beca…

Wild Flowers

People are wild flowers waving in the wind. The ones that are the sweetest, prettiest, and have all their petals are chosen first. Uprooted with a sweaty fist.

And its fellows watch in awe and wonder, wishing they were between those fingers.

Wishing they had been chosen. Dubbed Beautiful Enough to be picked.

But the uprooted are placed in a glass vase.

And they rarely see the sun.

They are isolated. Seen only by the eyes of the person who condemned it in the first place.

Without nutrients, light and friends this Special Flower child -- this Chosen One -- doesn't realize until too late that its life has leaked out and fallen from its scalp.

They are dry. Brittle.

And then replaced.

The cycle repeats again.

Just like what happens with the human race.

There's something I want to share with you...

I've never been one to share a personal project that wasn't -- in my eyes -- perfect. I get sucked into that mindset where if it ain't perfect it ain't gonna "impress" -- or something silly like that.
Perfection means it's ready to be seen. Perfection means there is nowhere else to go and I can move on. Perfection gives me permission to write off harsh opinions with, "I did my best."
Perfection also doesn't exist.
Take a moment and ponder: What if no one shared anything personal unless they thought it was perfect? (AHA YIKES)
I'd like to introduce to you an imperfect child I've been nursing for a couple months now: Adulting & Afraid. Adulting & Afraid has been an idea in the back of my head for a while now. I created the blog months and months ago, but never truly focused on it until mid-July. I cracked down, started brainstorming and, well, here I am.
A&A is a step up from what I do on Self Known. In this space, I am cr…

The Tree Folk (pt. 4)

Wassup? I can't believe it's been two weeks since the last update of The Tree Folk? I took a pause in updates to gather my strength and focus on some other things, but now I'm back and alive as ever!

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments you leave. You have no idea how much good a few kind words can do for a soul. Especially one that is hypersensitive when it comes to sharing her writing... I wish I could express how thankful I am for you. But words just don't cut it.

When we last saw Sienna she was meeting Prince Gorrell (hehe) and had taunted Lief. Anyone have any ideas as to where this will lead? Feel free to comment your theory below...

Without further ado, The Tree Folk, part 4.

Did you miss parts one through three? No biggie! Visit this page to catch up.
- - -
By that point, Sienna was completely lost. Of course, the talking tree wasn’t her biggest problem. Now there were pasty princes and this green boy who was comedically named Lief.

Sienna briefly wo…

Facing the Hardships of Becoming an Author

When I was younger, all I wanted to do was dance.
I took classes until taking classes meant you were serious about becoming a professional ballerina. I had been dancing for so long that I thought that's what I wanted. But I only wanted to dance.
Months before my intense dance training stopped, things were going south (emotionally especially). UNTIL I got an idea. It was for a book -- the best book ever to be written! -- and I was to call it The Memory Keepers. That was my focus for those last few months of pain.
Writing helped me escape.
When I stopped dancing, I had loads of time. So much time that I practically went crazy. I had cut myself off from all my ties and everything was free, so...
I wrote.
And somewhere in the process of trying to escape what was happening and doing it successfully, a dream grew.
I want to become the best YA author the world has ever seen.
But dreams are hard.
Here I am almost five years later and I feel like I'm no closer to that dream than when I…

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for The Blood Race

The Blood Race blog tour kick-off posts: Kate | Abbiee | Grace

What's happening? Basically, the most amazing thing ever: Kate (also known by her elegant author name, K.A. Emmons) ispublishing a debut novel! She is paving the way for blogger/writers such as myself by showing us that dreams can come true.
Kate, I applaud you.

A little bit about her book, The Blood Race... He’s spent his life running from who he is. She’s been trying to escape her past for 100 years…

Born with unexplainable abilities he struggles to control, college student Ion tries desperately to integrate into his new school and finally put his dark past behind him. But after making a serious enemy, which leads to an accidental rendezvous with the mysterious old man next door— and his hauntingly beautiful but troubled young protégée Hawk, Ion realizes his life will never be normal again.

Late one evening, Hawk drags him by the hand into a closet-turned-rabbit-hole to an extra dimension, and Ion finds himself stumblin…

The Tree Folk (pt. 3)

And here we are with part three. By the time this post is up I will be back from camp. (Dear Future Rosie: was it swell? Also, has the zit on your forehead gone away yet?) This year I was a counselor (shudder/wink) -- how crazy is that?
Crazy awesome.
Kind of like what's happening to Sienna right now, eh? #thatsegwaytho
- - -

In case you missed them, here are parts one and two.
- - -
Was this truly happening? Was this tree talking to her?

It was. And it kept talking, as though it were perfectly normal for it to talk. She looked around at the men who had dragged her there. Surely they had some sense to understand that this was crazy too. But they only sneered when she laid her eyes on them.

“Sienna, are you paying attention? We don’t have much time.”

“I’ve finally gone mad.”

“They always say that,” someone behind her retorted.

The tree laughed, only to be cut off by what sounded like a fanfare. Sienna’s captors went rigid as the leaves bordering the oak’s territory parted, and a p…

The Tree Folk (pt. 2)

Who's ready for part two?! I am so happy to have received the feedback I did for part one. Thank you so much to those who commented and suffered through that post sending out like 8 times. -.-

You make my day. <3
Alright, let's get on with it, shall we? Last time we saw Sienna she was being mummified by vines. Let's see if she can figure out what's going on and get herself out of this mess...
- - -
They dragged her along, the three of them chattering in warbled voices. She strived to understand, to grasp at information that would give her the knowledge she’d need to navigate the situation. But for the most part, it sounded like birds chirping together in an intense commutative soprano.

She tried not to panic. Because the more she did, the more moss she snuffed up her nose.

Eventually, the tweeting stopped and the air around her stiffened. They stopped dragging her along the ground, and the few moments of silence that followed were deafening.

They cut the bindings ar…

The Tree Folk (pt. 1)

There's something I haven't done in a long time.

And that is, share a story.

I've written loads for you guys over the years, but when it comes to novels, I'm always -- hm, what's the proper word for it? -- terrified to share what I've written. Mostly because I get this notion like it needs to be edited and make sense and I need to reread it and *brain overloads and nothing gets done*


Okay, well, I did edit this but that's beside the point. I'm sharing a snippet of a current WIP, my dear friend, and I am entrusting its growth to you. :)

Without further ado...

- - -

“Stupid Craig and his stupid rules and his stupid protein bars and—AGH! GO AWAY BUG. And his stupid trooper scarf thing! Well here you go, Craig!” She ripped the bandana off her throat, stomping on it for good measure. “There! Now find me!”

The forest around her was eerily quiet.

She turned around in a circle, a small breeze brushing her arms. She watched as it made the leaves on…

June 2017

This is a transparent monthly reflection where I take the time to look back, view my progress and make adjustments.
I can sum up the month of June in one word: Unprepared.A lot of things happened and though I'd love to complain about them, I need to move on and make adjustments.
Here is how my June went. :)
Monthly Project: Survive helping out at my church's camp. Monday through Wednesdays from 8AM to 4PM 5 to 5:30PM. I had no idea I was volunteering for something that's equivalent to a part-time job (only exponentially harder because I'm horrible with kids). But as much as it's stressed me out, it's also opened my eyes the lives of others.
The kids I've been working with are bright, creative and loving. Gosh, all they do is love. Because that's what they crave. Someone who will love them back.
I think this is a small taste of what Jesus felt when God sent Him to earth. He saw all the broken souls and felt moved to love each and every one -- to the poi…

Creativity in Us

What first comes to mind when someone says they are "creative?"
Do you think of an artist with a paintbrush? An author writing a book? Do you think of a jewelry maker or a make-up artist? A graphic or video game designer? Perhaps a lifestyle blogger?
I'll be honest, I've caught myself defining someone "creative" as anyone who has an aesthetic Instagram feed. But when you really think about it, there's so much more to it than that.
Creativity comes in many different styles.
For instance, in my father, creativity is in what he does around the house. How he presents gifts to my mother, buys special treats for us kids and always hugs us before he leaves.

In my mother, it's her baked goods and secret outings that almost always seem to involve food. It's the way she goes the extra mile to make sure each one of her children is prepared for the world.

And it's not limited to just that. Creativity is in everything everyone does. (That statement make…

I Don't Want To Be...

My mother says that people serve as an example - of what to be and what not to be.
These are traits I've observed - in myself and others - and used to decide what I want not to be.

Before I begin I'd like to acknowledge the fact that yes, we're all human. Yes, everyone imperfect. Yes, everyone has rough days where they show parts of themselves that may not be entirely true. But I believe everything can be used as a lesson to help you and me become better at this crazy thing called Life. :)

I don't want to be...
Passionate to the point where I don't bother to stop and listen to the people around me and what their perspectives are.Uncouth.Afraid to be silly.Afraid to laugh.Afraid to talk.So focused on myself that everything people say to me is taken personally.The one who has to make everything about themselves.Holding on to the past for so long that it's a literal weight I carry around with me and use as a crutch to dictate my life.Unbearable.Sharp and nasty when…

7 Ways To Shine a Spotlight on Your Inspiration

(an upgraded post)
1. Blogs There are so many insanely awesome and inspiring blogs out there. There are blogs about writing, blogs about creative lifestyles, and even blogs about on blogs. It's truly amazing how accessible new creators are.

Action: Surf the web for blogs centered around your favorite things - Passions, hobbies, or newfound interests.

2. Books From fiction to non-fiction, books are entryways into new worlds and knowledge. You'll find inspiration and enjoy a good story as well. Delve into the plot while developing attachments to the main characters. If the book is well written, this should come easily.

Action: Find at least one book you think is interesting. My favorites include Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. :)

3. Quotes Quotes are like motivational strips of words that fit easily in one's "inspirational pocket". Recently I've been collecting the ones that speak to me, writing them down on index cards and t…

Ode to It

A fear that haunts me: I am letting my glory days pass me by as moments straddled between Netflix and self-doubt. It seems I so often lack the courage to gather my tools and build something out of myself. I am unhappy, but content.

To live among the shadows hurts, but this initial pain makes it worth avoiding the sting of the light.

Something I've come to believe is the fact that some people are born with It. The It - charisma, talent, humor, attraction - whatever the positive quality, it combines with one part charm and another part luck.

And a star is born.

But this notion is tragic. And, admittedly, quite sad. Especially on the days when I count myself outside the circle of those who possess It. The truth of the matter is not that a handful have It, but that It is contained within 100% of all living, breathing cases.

To varied, unlocked degrees.

Sometime after my muse passes and the words empty themselves out, I will long for It. Emotional beings such as myself seem to long so…

Vampire Knight, Anne with an E and Obsessed with Writing (May 2017)

This is a transparent monthly reflection where I take the time to look back, view my progress and make adjustments.

Monthly Project: Finish online classes. GUYS. I am so flipping thankful I'M DONE. *throws confetti and wiggles for dayz* Taking classes online has been super rewarding, but I am so ready to move on and focus on something else. Something bigger. I'm thinking MORE writing, MORE reading and MORE creating!

Health → Exercise 3 days/week, drink 65oz. water/day Exercise: 7/14 (50%)

Notes: Aha, aha, aha................. whoops. I don't know what happened here. For some reason, I just couldn't get myself to exercise. I always had this excuse that there's something "better" or more pressing that needed to be done. But now that summer is HERE, I'd really like to up the intensity and focus on improving my body and upping my energy level.
Water: 30/31 (97%)
Notes: This is the first month this year that I've been drinking enough water and I feel so…

Mustard Yellow Aesthetic

Simple yet lovely.

What's your favorite aesthetic?