Why + How I Visualize My Goals

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Have you ever - say - had something on you that scared the heeby jeebies out of you? Something you saw out of the corner of your eye, and your brain automatically conjured it to be the worst thing possible? Like when you thought your foaming face soap made your cheeks feel swollen or that fuzzy on your arm was a spider. But your face was fine and you're now constantly rubbing your arms so there are no spiders - you're fine. Briefly uncomfortable because your brain made something up, but you're fine.

What if we could apply this to our lives in a less twisted, much more positive way?

What if we could apply fauxs - safe fauxs - that made us feel how we want to feel? (Confident. Strong. Brave. Enough.) Something that made us feel like we are where we want to be.

Would we live richer, fuller lives? Would faking it till we made it work?

My answer: Yes.

The solution? Read on.

Why I Visualize My Goals

Well. Here's one reason.

But beside the fact that Jim Carrey did it (and I can too), it's a powerful thing. I remember before dance recitals and performances that my mom guide me through visualizing myself doing the best that I can do. And it worked, my friends. It made me feel more confident when I got on stage.

Visualizing is a safe faux (as I mentioned before) - something we can put into place right now. Something that will actively make us feel better and achieve more as we continue to do it. And how cool is that?

Tweet: It isn't just about feeling better. It's about knowing what we want, and then feeling inspired to actually do it.

How I Visualize My Goals

I make sure to set aside time in the day where I can be comfortable, alone and uninterrupted. For me, this falls to just before bedtime.

I go through my normal before bed routine: journaling about my day, clicking off my bedside lamp and staring at the ceiling as I breathe, making sure to relax as I listen to the house around me. I start off by thanking God for the day I had before going through my goals and positive events, ticking them off one by one. With each goal comes a prayer of thankfulness.

I also have some recordings I listen to as well, that remind me change is safe and essential to life.

You can do it too!

How do you enforce positive change in your life? :)

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2 Sweet Notes

  1. My mom has been telling me something very very similar to this everyday for the last few months. She also tells me that when the time's right, things will just start appearing and I'll for the first time notice them. So a week ago, the visualization thing finally really popped out at me to the point where I now see it almost everywhere. For example, this post!!! I love it!

    This is all so crazy in a beautiful way!

    Sarah || blissandliveliness.blogspot.com

  2. What a fabulous post, my dear. <3 I couldn't agree more with everything you have just written here for us. I think it is very important to basically clear your mind of all negativity and know what you want to get done. I really should take some notes. ;) ...And is it alright to say that i am slightly curious to read your little journal? I remember writing in journals when I was younger, but I failed to keep them going. Perhaps you could give us a little encouragement post on how to keep a journal for more than a month? I would love to read that! :)

    Keep up the great job, girly. <3 I love you.

    xx Kenz


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