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12:00 PM

Do you ever feel like something is gradually getting harder to do because you're not in the same place you were when you first started it?

Every month or few months I get into this phase I'm going to call a "Drudge". In this this 1 to 3 week phase, which can further be divided into 3 parts, I become a real drudgery to be around. I become lost—emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sometimes physically (part 1). I realize that I'm lost and needy so I cry about it, flail and talk myself down while trying to fix the problem at the same time (part 2).

Then: divine intervention (part 3).
The one thing my mind needed to calm down or my heart needed to be brought back into reality or my worries needed to be relieved is said, read, realized or remembered.

And it's like I'm being reborn.
I shed the skin of doubt and inner betrayal and I see the world with a fresher perspective. I reevaluate, adjust and replenish. The weight of the world falls from my shoulders and I become a weightless being that can no longer be held back by what anyone—including myself—thinks.

I'm pleased to report that my part 3 just revitalized me just two nights ago.

I can't give you a process. I can't give you the steps to recreating the same experience or the instruction manual of guaranteed success. But I can say this.

There's something about a dance party with other people that multiplies the fun by three million. (And not to mention reawakens the soul.)

This week I encourage you to wake up and see the world with a different perspective. Shift your mindset. Expand your love. Deepen your forgiveness. Share stories, laugh, cry and please—if you can bear this, you can bear everything: live. Live beyond your own understanding and capacity. Love foe things greater than yourself.

Do. Be. Create.

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  1. I love this!! Great post xx

  2. This fits me perfectly. Just yes. I'm glad you're out of your "Drudge!" <3

  3. This is so me.
    thank you thank you thank you

  4. just fantastic. <3

  5. I have nominated you for the Infinity Dream Tag/Award. :)
    ( )


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