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How to be Happily Single (on Valentine's Day)

I'm sure many of us are aware that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Especially all the "forever alone" single people out there. Because you've heard your friends planning their weekends, talking about the gifts they've bought and how much fun the day's going to be. Sometimes it gets on our nerves, right? I mean, I personally think that someone's crossed a line if they openly discuss chocolate (which they clearly aren't going to give you) right in front of you. But mostly the day brings this general feeling of sadness because we feel very lonely.

And let's face it. We're jealous too.

Which is okay. It's quite natural to want to have someone you love give you chocolate you're allowed to eat. But when the jealousy and bitter feelings get too intense, your good day can end up turning bad.

So here are some tips on how to be happy on Valentine's Day (singles addition).

1. Realize

You're single. Which is not a synonym for alone. Being single means you have freedom. You don't have to stress about affording the gift you want to get your girlfriend/boyfriend, or worry about how things have been so tense between you two for the past few weeks. Sure, the couch may feel a little cold but that's nothing a blanket, a giant teddy bear and some hot chocolate can't fix. ;)

2. Embrace

Embrace your singleness. Chat with friends, plan a get together, work on that novel you keep pushing aside or grab your camera and snap some photos while you're out on a nature embracing walk. Tell yourself it's okay not to be in a relationship. And depending on your circumstances, it's probably what's best for you. Love will find you and your patience will be rewarded.

3. Indulge

I'm sure you've caught yourself studying the candy bars by the check out or stroking a book cover more than once. Indulge a little a buy yourself some candy or that book - or both. Don't be afraid to spend a little money on yourself in an expression of self love.

4. Permit

You're allowed to ignore the fact that it's Valentine's Day. You're allowed to avoid watching couples get lovey dovey with each other. You're allowed to buy candy for yourself, feel alone, and notice a spike of jealousy whenever two people holding hands as they walk through the mall. Permitting yourself to feel and do these things is part of life, so give yourself permission. But don't let it effect your day.

As a little side note, I'm not exactly sure that Valentine's Day has ever bothered me. But since I wrote this post, I'm sure it will this year. ;)

Has Valentine's Day ever bothered you?

Thanks for reading!
xx Nicole Rose


  1. Great points! I wrote a post about being single on Valentine's too! Check it out maybe?

  2. These are fantastic points!! Thank you so much for getting it out there. ♥


  3. Awesome post! Being single is awesome and I loved reading all your amazing tips. :)

  4. Awesome points! I go to a public high school where we end up having people send out Valentine grams all the time... We had three in total for our class, but it got annoying. My friends and I were cheering in the lunch line, "To all of the single people!" I do agree being single does give much more freedom, and though romantic relationships should be about two independent souls coming together, they shouldn't be so... Clingy. Eh, it's one day where the PDA level is hyped up to a 10. It's not that bad.

    xoxo Morning

  5. Valentines day was never a big deal for me, but this year, both my brothers have gotten girlfriends and they're all lovey dovey. Even Mum and Dad are at it. So at this moment, I'm alone at home while they're all on dates. It feel lonely, so this post is beautiful! Thank you for it. I needed it as I was feeling so alone.

  6. Haha, I love this list!!

  7. Hahah, wellll, Valentine's Day has never really bothered me so much but I think as I get older and continue to be single, it probably will ;) Thanks for sharing this cute and helpful post! xxx.

  8. honestly, valentines day has never really bothered me. what does kinda bother me is all the attention it gets from social media like instagram. overly joyful or bemoaning captions and hash-tags like #singleawarenessday. like, it's not that bad, but it almost makes me not like valentines day for that reason.
    i've always kind of enjoyed it, especially when my sisters and i were younger. we still give candy to each other and mom makes a special meal. in our family, v day is not so much about romantic love, but all love. and i rather like it that way. :)


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