How to Prepare Your Blog For Autumn

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Fall is here, and that means it's time to put a warm sweater over your swim suit and prepare for all your conversations to somehow be related to pumpkin spice lattes...

Fall is here, and that means it's time to put a warm sweater over your swim suit and prepare for all your conversations to somehow be related to pumpkin spice lattes... // How to Prepare Your Blog for Autumn: Brainstorm, organize and - take a break?

I. Love. Fall. Seriously, it's my favorite season. Every year it comes around I get reminded of all the good things. Pumpkin everything, the spices, playing in the leaves. It's crazy to think that next fall, I'm going to be on my way to college.


Anyways, because autumn is here, I thought it'd be a good idea to share some things I'm doing (and perhaps you'd like to do as well) to adjust and prepare.

Here are ways you can prepare your blog for autumn. :)

Brainstorm Ideas

If you have yet to make the official switch or gradual transition from summer to fall, you likely need to brainstorm ideas for your blog content. What are some blog posts you can craft that stay within your blog's focus, but also acknowledge the fact that fall is here? Make a list of your blog's categories, then brainstorm coordinating "fall topics" (see examples below). Make sure to take into account upcoming holidays. :)

Self Known's Categories
  • Design (Tutorials)
    • Fall leaves animation
    • Prepping your blog for fall
  • Self Development
    • The Fall Flail
  • Writing
    • Prose prompted by gorgeous fall photos (search Pinterest for inspiration)
  • Blogging + Business
    • How to prepare your blog for autumn
    • Tricking out your blog (for Halloween)
  • Freebies
    • Fall leaves wallpaper
    • October wallpaper

What more brainstorming techniques? Check this out!

Craft a Plan

How are you going to step up your blogging game this fall? Are you going to post more often? Create a social media challenge? Try to grow your email list? Whatever your goals are, you need to make sure you have a game plan so that you're working toward them this season.

I need help creating a goal!

Do Some "Spring Cleaning"

You haven't done this in what, six months? So it's probably a good idea to schedule a "day off" and work on sprucing up your space. Change out the flowers on your desk for one of your favorite books. Straighten up that ever growing pile of papers. Sort through things, pass on the stuff you don't use anymore.

I love doing this because it's relaxing and when everything gets cleared up I feel I can function like a normal human being. ;)

Take a Break

Go outside and watch the leaves change colors. Wear comfy sweaters and feel the wind touch your cheeks. Jam out in your pajamas and slide around in your socks. Watch a movie, read a book. Go to Starbucks. Smell the air, ask your mom to bake you a pumpkin roll. Bake yourself a pumpkin roll. Take a bath. Whatever you do, make sure you're winding down and taking your mind off things (all things). Give yourself some time to heal and adjust to the seasons.

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