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What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

Caffeine at six in the morning? Whipped yogurt that tastes like key lime pie? Water sipped from your favorite glass?

How about that book you read? The one with the ending that made you cry.

When I ask this question, and when you ask yourself this question, you should be sitting down on your bed, or holed up in a cozy corner. You should be lying awake at night, studying the ceiling full of faintly glowing sticker stars your parents put up there for you when you were six. You should be ready to close your eyes and get deep with yourself. You should be prepared to roll onto your left side, then your right side, then roll onto your back before shifting onto your belly.

You should want to know the answer.

"What makes me happy?"

When pursuing happiness, you have to want it. You have to want it with a fiery passion. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone - away from your fear - and into what's right for you. Whatever that may be.

"What makes me happy?"

Answer this question. What makes you happy? What makes you excited? What fills you up with joy and compels you into taking action? What makes you want to do something with your life?

Answer this question and your journey to happiness - which you thought would be a long, uphill battle - is now within reach.

You don't have to wait to be happy. You don't have to let someone else choose what you do or how you live your life. You CAN be yourself. You CAN be happy, right now! The stars don't have to align, you don't have to try your patience, and the pain of being so unbearably UNhappy doesn't have to be felt for a moment longer.

But answer this question. What makes you happy?

You don't have to wait for someone to pave the way. Be your own paver. Be your own map. Make mistakes and love yourself for it!

Most people think you have to wait until you are older or popular or have achieved some great momentous thing - but that's not it! Happiness isn't something you find, happiness is your birthright. (Thank you, Steve Chandler.) Happiness is constant, while unhappiness comes and goes.

So if you want to be happy, if you're going to allow yourself to reach your full potential, ANSWER THIS QUESTION (What makes me happy?). Don't wait. Don't put this off. Find out what makes you happy then pursue that happiness. Stop letting your fear hold you back.

Be happy. Today.


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