Expression // 019

12:00 PM

I am sorry.

But you've hurt me too.

You think I don't care, but the reality is I've cared so much it's made me numb. I shouldn't feel numb. When you're numb, you can't smile. You can't laugh or dance. You sit there, waiting for God (or the dentist) to come to you and pull you out of it. To shock you. Give you some of the feeling back.

I'm done being numbed.

Done waiting for the shock.

With you, I did things without thinking. It was all a haze. Cycle.

The toxic cycle.

Now it's real life again. It's genuine connections and hardships that are worth it. It's dreaming big without being held back. It's finding the right path that will lead me out of the woods. Alone.

I'm new.

It's real.

8.13.14 // I’m rewriting myself. I’m improving the main character of the story.

pea ess: I don't mind if you hate me.

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