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How and Why: Linkup Parties

Starting out as a blogger can be really hard. You want to grow your blog, but even though it seems like you've tried everything, nothing works. Your blog hasn't expanded in the least. You don't see any improvement.

That's why in this post I'm going to share with you the miracle of link up parties! I'm going to go over how they work, why you should create your own, which hosts you should use and much, much more.

Let's get started, shall we? :)

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How they work

The typical link party can be broken down into 3 basic* parts.

* Every link up is different, so as you're reading through this and considering to create your own, consider adding a unique twist to your link up party. After all, people tend to get tired of seeing the same old same old.

The sponsors

These are the people who came up with the original idea of that particular link party. It can be anyone from you on your lonesome to several people at the head of your blogging community. Sponsors collaborate together not only to host a huge link party but to build their blogs as well.

The theme

If you like to do monthly theme posts (like a monthly recap or you just like to reflect on what you've done so far), then you can ask others to join you by making your post theme part of the link up. Make sure to mention in your post that participants should post similarly to you.

The link host

Your link host is the generous site that you've signed up for (and sometimes pay) to host your party. Your host will provide the actual link up portion and will gladly save all the links to those who do sign up. Hosts sometimes comes equipped with share options and depending what you use, will cost you a little dough.

More details on this below.

Why you should create your own

It will grow your blog, expand your views and expose you to other fantastic sites that will stretch you to grow.

A linkup isn't just some miracle blog grower. It's a personal growth tool - something that will grow you as a person. One of the perks just happens to be that your blog grows too.

The best hosts to use

These are some of the most popular "link hosters".
I personally use Simply Linked, because it's free and super easy. The gadget does come with an attribution photo though, which isn't the prettiest, but I suffer through anyway. :P

Some things you should consider

Adding a button

A button is like an share-able advertisement. You can ask your kind fellow bloggers if they'd like to promote your link up party, but when you do, make sure you offer to promote something of theirs as well, such as their own linkup or blog.

Incorporating social media + share buttons

Share your link up on social media to get the word out. Also make sure to provide share buttons for those who want to share your link up with their peers.

Reading the blogs of those who link up (and comment)

I cannot stress this enough. If you want to attract people to your link up, take the time to look at their sites. This will not only make them feel warm and fuzzy (especially if you leave a sweet comment) but will prompt them into coming back to link up again.

Give your link up a purpose

The purpose of my link party is to have bloggers come together, share the sites they spend all their time working on, and look at other sites to grow their perspective. What's the purpose of your link up? To grow your blog and help other's grow as well? To see what others are up to? To find awesome blogs? Whatever it may be, add it into your linkup so viewers can clarify your meaning behind the linkup. :)

Are you planning on hosting a link up?

If so, comment below with your URL so I can join and share! :) I love hearing you and adore when you share things with me, so don't be afraid to contact me.

Keep buzzin'. <3
xx Nicole Rose


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