Expression // 016

12:00 PM

I just realize I haven't post an Expression on here in several weeks... Oops.

Here's today's Expression. I created a video to go along with it, and because it's my first real video, I'd like to say don't be too hard on me. I'm learning this video thing as I go. ;)

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Click play and scroll to read along. :)

This is you.

This is you.

You are good.

You are whoever you've been made to be.

You like what you like, and you are who you are.

Sometimes, you feel happy. Other times, you feel sad. Sometimes, you feel nothing at all.

That's okay.

Sometimes bad things happen. People say mean things, it rains on your picnic, your dog gets shot. Maybe you don't pass an important test, you get fired from your job, or things just aren't looking up right now.

That's okay.

Maybe you're having a really stinky day. Your partner is being a jerk, the sun is just not shining, you can't find your favorite purple pen and everything is going WRONG!

That's okay.

Because you are you.

And what happens to you, and what you do, does NOT define you.

Life is poopy. Life stinks, hurts, turns you upside down and makes you scream. Life has a tendency to make people cry.

But life is also great. Life is amazing. Life is living your dream and following your heart. Life is the good and the bad, and without life, there is no YOU.

Life can get crazy, but when you get through the hard times, the badness, the icky, you come out stronger, brighter, and newer.

This is you.

You are good enough.

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  1. Aww this made me wanna cry. *sniffles* Thank you Rosie. ♡ It was absolutely beautiful.


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