5 Tips to Help You Feel Better When the Day Gets Rough (Guest Post)

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Hello everyone!

I'm June and I'm the creator of my blog- Impossible. Over there I blog about, my life, tags, book reviews, music, interviews etc. I'm called a lifestyle blogger. I ask Nicole to guest post here and well, here I am. Today, I'm sharing tips on how to feel better on a bad day. I hope you enjoy. :)

1. Headphones + Music
Turn up those songs that you love! Just sit down somewhere cozy and listen to your favorite songs. Try not to think about those bad things that happen, think about things that make you smile.

2. Talk 
Talk to a family member or call your best friend and just rant about how the day sucks.Talking about your feelings probably will make you feel better.

3. Read 
When I have a bad day- I pull out my favorite books, curl up somewhere cozy and read! Reading helps me take things off my mind. Maybe you could try.

4. Walk it off
Take a nice walk with your pet or yourself. Thinking about the problem or whatever bad happen may help. Like this-

"I can't believe that I failed that science test!" Well, I did study and tried my best." "I guess that what matters."   


"I can't believe I failed that science test!" "Well, I did procrastination and went on social media for two hours." "It's time I try harder." 

5. Keep a positive mood 
Last- whatever did happen to you that/this day. Keep a smile and a positive mood on your face. Remember-

Think Positive & Positive Things Will Happen.
- unknown  

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xx June

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