I have a question and you have the answers. (HELP!)

4:30 PM

Hey readers! I'm writing up this quick post because I'm in need of some help. Do you think you could lend me a hand (or at least some fingers)?

My question is:

If I were to have a sort of giveaway or contest what kind of prizes would YOU be interested in?

Try to come up with one concept that seems doable and another that seems elaborate, awesome or "extravagant".

(Need help? Check out this helpful post: 4 Muse Enhancing Brainstorming Techniques.)

Comment below or contact me with your answers. I'm willing to listen to everyone, so no matter how "small" or "unhelpful" you think your opinion is, don't be afraid to talk to me. I love hearing from you guys, and because I want to provide awesome things for you to look forward to, I need to know what those awesome things are so I can get to work. :)

Thank you for contributing. Have a wonderful day. <3
xx Nicole Rose

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1 Sweet Notes

  1. Books, etsy shop sponsored goods, and jewelry. Ooh, and a free custom design from you. :)


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xx Nicole Rose