Expression // 009

12:00 PM

"Oh, you did not just do that..."

Sometimes I look at other words, when I'm trying to find my own. I dig within myself, breaking skin as I search for something so unique it surprises even myself. But as I search, I come up empty. Drained of whatever it is I am looking for.

I'm continuing my search. Day after day I come up empty.

Rarely. Oh so rarely, my muse visits me and inspiration is dumped into my head through my ears, pouring out of me through my hands and fingers, spicing up my written word. I wish it could be like this all the time. I wish I could have all the originality in the world. And all its creativity at my disposal.

Do you ever wish that your muse would visit you as often as you'd like?
xx Nicole Rose

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1 Sweet Notes

  1. i wish that sometimes. i do. but for me, i have to train and perfect my muse through labour and tears. (which is not always for the worst!) || pea ess, your post titles have a zest of creativity to them all that i adore.


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