Connect With Your Inner Beauty

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When I was younger, I couldn't see myself as beautiful. I'd look at myself in the mirror and think, "Decent, maybe. But beautiful? No." As I've grown older, God's shown me it's not what's on the outside that counts - it's what's in your heart.

Here are five tips for connecting with your inner beauty.

1. Start with a positive outlook

Looking in the mirror each morning and telling yourself - out loud - "I am beautiful. I am talented, kind and funny. I am awesome." starts your day with a positive outlook. This, in turn, shines the rest of your day with positivity as well.

2. Maintain the balance

There are two extremes you can fall into when trying to recognize your inner beauty. You can fall into a web of negativity, or you could end up working your way into an overly optimistic frenzy. Refrain from overworking yourself. Know your limitations and gently push yourself.

3. Set goals you can accomplish

Set goals for yourself and accomplish them with confidence. Whether it be working on your self confidence or building a healthier lifestyle for yourself, push yourself to make goals that stretch you, but don't overwork you.

4. Bring yourself down to earth

Be proud of who you are. But remember, no one is perfect - there is no such thing as perfection. Don't look at magazines and compare yourself to the images you see. Don't mimic the lifestyle of the model you see on the cover. They Photoshop all of those images into "perfect" humans, and having that as a goal... Well, such a thing is quite unattainable.

5. Love who you are

Love you no matter what. Be thankful for who you are, and what you see. Love yourself. Write a love letter, deal with your inner critics, take that first step. Whatever helps you grow to achieve your goals.

What do you do to recognize your inner beauty?

xx Nicole Rose

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