Delve Into Me: A Close Look At The Bloggers You Love (001)

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The lovely Devanshi gave me the wonderful opportunity of interviewing her. Learn about her below. :)

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Please introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit more about you and your blog.

Hey there! I'm (De)Vanshi, nice to meet y'all. :) I blog over at Upwardss. Besides drafting posts for my blog, you'll most likely find me in my room blasting music and choreographing some new dance, or outside playing golf or basketball. Upwardss, my blog, is a way for me to express my thoughts and writing to a bigger audience, and I love it!

When did you start your blogging journey and why?

I started my blog after a very rocky and disappointing road with tumblr (need I say more?), and after my best friend, Arushee, from Unadorned Gifts, started a blog herself.

What's the most challenging aspect of blogging for you?

Recently, it's been writing content that's worth reading. I've found myself drafting, deleting, and redrafting numerous times-- only because I feel like no one will like my writing or ideas.

Do you have any blogging rituals (like following a strict schedule or making sure to procrastinate by going on Pinterest first, etc.)?

Nope! I feel like strict schedules force you to write, and when I'm forced to write, nothing turns out good. The only 'ritual' type thing I have is my nightstand journal (I'm a night writer). Sometimes, when ideas take a trip over to me at night, I'll jot them down in my journal.

What's your number one blogging tip?

Love what you post, every single time. Because chances are, if you don't love it, somebody else probably isn't gonna love it. It's as simple as that. :)

Besides blogging, what other hobbies to you enjoy participating in? Which are you most passionate about?

Dance. Dance. Oh, wait, did I mention dance? :P Other than dancing, I love to watch a Disney or Bollywood movie of some sort. I'll play basketball and golf and throw around a football occasionally (that is, if my sister is a willing participant).

(Due to the title of my blog, I feel like I should ask:) Do you feel like you know yourself?

I feel like I know myself well enough to know if I'd like Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream when I go to an ice cream shop (Cookies and Cream, if you were wondering). But, now that I think of it, I'm always learning new things about myself, discovering new qualities, some good and some bad, even if I don't always think about it. :)

// Visit her blog here.

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6 Sweet Notes

  1. What a pretty name. Nice interview!
    I checked out her blog, and left a comment:)

  2. love these questions and answers :)

  3. I had so much fun doing this with you Rosie! You're always a pleasure to email.

  4. I'm a night writer too (but I have to give up some of my sleep for that...) Sweet interview! I loved your answers, Vanshi!

    xoxo Morning

  5. FABULOUS #1 tip. Loving you write is so important because your enthusiasm and love will most likely pour out into your writing, which your readers will pick up on:) So fun!


  6. To be honest, I like your blog very much! I think that you do a great job! Everything is so beautiful!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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