Collide (Guest Post)

12:00 PM

by Raquel Z. Duarte

What am I feeling?
Describe to me my thoughts
Part of me is holding back
But part of me is not
Life is too short, they say
Don’t waste any time
But remember not to make hasty choices
For with them, you will live
And die
Is fear the rope that holds me firm?
Is confusion making me doubt?
My heart says to grasp this dream come true
My brain says to stop
I will resolve in this then
Roping my heart strings to the stars
Letting the galaxies guide me
For where the constellations lie
Is where my heart wants to be
To forever abide

Here's hoping our hearts collide.

+ + +

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Bio: Raquel is an Oregon human who is a made up of random prose and music notes. She blogs at It’s Just Raquel (, is a lover of big hugs, discussing theology, and has an infatuation with green chai tea macchiatos. She also loves her job, which is being the newspaper reporter for a small town in northwest Oregon. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter - @itsjustraquel.

Blog description: ‘It’s Just Raquel’ is the blog to honest opinions, passionate thoughts and sometimes just plain pleonasmic wordiness, all written and expressed by Raquel. And she’s just that – Raquel. Not perfect, not glamorous, not ‘the norm’. While her blog will always be written in the hopes of encouraging others, she also wants it to be friendly and approachable. And most of all, God-glorifying.

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7 Sweet Notes

  1. Such a beautiful poem, Raquel!

    xoxo Morning

  2. I loved this poem Raquel! It was beautiful.


  3. Aww yay! Thank you for using it, Nicole:)

  4. Wow, this was gorgeous. ^-^

    1. Thank you, Adi:) Glad you enjoyed it.


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