Who am I? Series

7:24 PM

i just want to be able to be myself without being judged for it.
i sometimes hate myself.
i've changed a lot
i'm indecisive
i can never control my laughter
i have trouble putting a book down
i'm a perfectionist
i'm really shy
i love thunderstorms
i love hugging people
sometimes, i laugh for no reason
i sing in the shower
i'm mentally dating a celebrity.
i would fall to pieces without music.
i love chocolate strawberries
i sometimes dread going home
i love braids.
i avoid drama
i love converse
i'm loud
i'm always there for people, even when no one is there for me.
i want my childhood back
i eat more than i should
i wish i had the courage to confess my feelings
i push people away
i love pizza
i hate racism
i'm moody
i have amazing friends from all over the world

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