How to Turn a Bad Day Powerfully Positive

12:00 PM

We all have those days that makes us feel so...bleh. Maybe it started when you stubbed your toe and then found out that your sister ate the last of your favorite cereal, then it progressed from there. Maybe you woke up feeling discontent and bitter. Maybe you're just not up to dealing with the world.

Whatever the case, it's always good to know a few tricks that will pull you out of your mood and help you make the most of your day.

These are the methods that work best for me. :)


1. Crank Up The Tunes

Whenever I'm feeling down or my day has taken a turn for the worst, I love slinking away to my room, pulling up iTunes and dancing around until my parents shout up the stairs that it sounds like an elephant is thundering on the top floor of the house. Dance to music like T-Swizzle's Shake It Off and MKTO's Classic helps me not only feel better but burn off all the pent up frustration that has massaged tension into my muscles.


Create a playlist of your favorite songs. Be sure to choose songs that make you want to tap your toes and wiggle are hips!

2. Surf YouTube

There are so many YouTubers out there that make me smile. Miranda Sings, Tyler Oakley, Mikey Murphy, Connor Franta, iiSuperWomanii and more, all seem to crack me up and break me out of the grumps. They lift my spirits and remind me that eventually, it's going to be okay.


First, know what you want. If you want clean humor, search for "Tim Hawkins". If you're obsessed with makeup tutorials or transformations (like moi) try Kat Sketch. If you want to feel like you're part of a community, grav3yardgirl is the way to go.

3. Go Hug Searching

Getting a hug from a close friend, family member, stuffed animal, pet and so on can be very uplifting. It's been proven hugs are a powerful form of healing. This is due to many reasons.

  • Hugs build trust and give a sense of safety.
  • They instantly boost Oxycontin levels (the feel good hormones), healing feelings of isolation, anger and loneliness.
  • Hugs can also lift serotonin levels and create happiness.

And the list of benefits goes on and on and on.


Call for your family pet. Grab one of your siblings. Tentatively ask one of your parents. Crash into your best friend. Or wrap your arms around your and sway from side to side.

4. Write About It

This has always helped me.  Even though it sometimes ends up with me just slamming my fists down on my keyboard until there are enough random letters in a Google Doc to pleasingly express my rage (or sadness or loneliness or whatever I may be feeling).

It's great if you keep a journal and write about how you feel everyday. I use my journal to talk to God. Because when I'm actually writing a prayer to Him, instead of thinking it, it helps me stay on track, make nothing's left out and clearly express what I say in the way I want to say it.


Grab a notebook or some printer paper and a pencil. Now write. Scribble. Doodle. Write random words that you can't spell or don't even know the meaning of. Make up new words to express yourself. Be wild, be free. Be bold, be new. Write write write and leave your concerns to the wind.

5. Take A Deep Breath

In... Out... In... Out.

Close your eyes for a moment and ever so gently, fill your lungs with air. While breathing in through your nose, imagine that the air is pouring into you, filling up the very back of your lungs that your normal breathing doesn't usually reach. Hold this lungful of air for three seconds, then release. Doing this a couple times should make you feel more focused, relaxed and quite a bit calmer.



Close your eyes.



You are free.

What helps turn your bad day around?


xx Nicole Rose

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9 Sweet Notes

  1. Oh yes... Music=awesome on a bad day. I usually watch Rhett & Link or Matthias on youtube... cuz they always make me laugh. :)

  2. Thank you so much for these wonderful posts. Though I always fail to comment, I read everyone of your posts, Rose, and they're always amazing. God has given you a amazing gift for writing. Thank you for sharing it!
    In Christ,

  3. Music and youtubers make everything better. Amazingphil always has a way of cheering me up. ^-^

    1. AmazingPhil always cheers me up on a bad day. :) Great post!

  4. Love these ideas! Thank you for writing these posts:-)

  5. Love these ideas! Thank you for writing these posts:-)

  6. I'm having such a cranky day... I got a C on a math test that should have been super easy and the reason why it's that grade because I was too cocky and just, urgh. Math's easier than Biology, for me, and I did listen to some music and let the situation clear up a bit. It turns out that it's nor going to be bad; my grade will only drop to about an 89%, but again, getting good grades in that class is really easy.

    xoxo Morning

  7. Writing always brightens me up. Yoga is also a huge stress relief for me. Feels great after a long day of school.

    Thanks for this! ;)

  8. Great post! :D I often ull out my pocket notebook and scribble down the event. Writing helps :D


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