Expression // 001

12:00 PM

I'm always comparing myself to you. I'm always weighing our lives against each other, trying to see who's coming out on top. I feel like a hideous failure, so if I stood next to you, I'd slouch - because the weight of you being better than me is heavy on my shoulders.

I feel like I'm missing out on the majors bits of your life, because I'm not there. And you know I'm not there. So we're both feeling my absence.

I wanted -

I want to -

I. Me. We. Were. Will we become something, like we've always wanted?

Or will be fall between the cracks like the roots of a dying weed?

+ + +

If you read this, you rock. <3

xx Nicole Rose

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8 Sweet Notes

  1. this was truly beautiful <3

  2. Oh wow, Nicole <3

  3. #goalinlife
    To one day be so good at conveying emotions through writing as Rose.

  4. Beautiful. Love this.

  5. Loved this ;) You should make more posts like this! Absolutely lovely
    blog ♥

  6. "I. Me. We. Were. Will we become something, like we've always wanted?"
    your writing speaks life<3
    this was better than amazing. xxx.

  7. I love sad, romantic bits of writing. Dear goodness, I'm such a softy. This tells a story without actually telling it...does that make sense?

    You wrote this, so you rock. <3


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