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I am the packiest of rats.

I have a confession. This is something not very many people know about me. Are you ready? Okay...

...I'm a pack rat.

[Definition: a person who saves unnecessary objects or hoards things.]

The evidence to support this statement is as follows [numbers on list coordinate with pictures]:

[my camera sucks so I apologize for the horrible photo quality...]

1. My bookshelf that doesn't just hold books. Please take note of my Kenz shrine/memory shelf, dance shelf, and Divergent poster (peeking in the top left corner).

2. Collection of used gift cards.

3. Stack of old American Girl doll catalogs and magazines.

4. Bags left over from gift exchanges and shopping trips.

5. Boxes from gifts [I have a ton more of those American Girl doll boxes stashed in the storage portion of my desk] + some trinkets I had lying around [yes that is an owl. and yes, I did make that myself].

6. Saved jewelry and boxes from Apple.

7. Shoe box full of mini boxes, gum wrappers, and who knows what else (and beneath that I have a box full of tissue paper. I really, really love tissue paper).

8. Another container full of trinkets.

9. And lots more...

So there you have it. I, Rose, am a pack rat. But even so, my room is rather clean - if I do say so myself. I keep my collections of stuff neatly stacked, most of it tucked away in my closet. I like having so many boxes and trinkets because when Christmas time comes around, it allows me the creative freedom I need when packaging my gifts. :)

This post was fun. I hope you enjoyed learning this wacky fact about me. :D

Thank you for reading. <3

xx Nicole Rose


  1. I collect bags too. And tissue paper. And a lot other things. I guess I'm a pack rat too! XD

  2. I love your pack rat collection!'ve inspired me...maybe I'll do my own 'pack rat' post!!

    - Angelina(fellow pack rat)


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xx Nicole Rose

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