when we were comrades.

3:00 PM

we used to lay under the stars together, butting heads and combining dreams. i'd point at one of the twinkling masses above and you'd say what job it had in granting our wishes.
we called them our miracle stars.

while we waited for the stars to grant our wishes and fill our needs, we grew to a point where we were so caught up in each another that nothing but us - what we were - mattered.

we dug into our souls, creating a silent, private world out of ourselves. as we auctioned our bits away, stripping ourselves of insecurities and doubt, i noticed something strange in the pieces of you that touched my eyes. with your protective flesh peeled away, i saw how deep your wounds were. your bones were cut, your muscles not quite healed.

i cried out when i saw you because i'd never seen this part of you. i never knew how wounded you were.

when your eyes met mine, i saw the hurt behind them. you hadn't realized this would strip you so much. the earth shook as you backed away, the light of the situation burning throughout us in a way that made it all seem transparent. the ground split open and you fell away from me; i kept shouting "hold on! hold on!", but you were already gone, absorbed into the soil and eaten by the pain.

i see you in everything now.

especially in the stars that are no longer ours.

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3 Sweet Notes

  1. So beautiful Rose! Your writings are always so captivating. <3

  2. Wow...okay, can I say that you just tore my heart out and ripped it into a million pieces?!? I need to go repair it now with some chocolate and ice cream ;) Simply lovely, Nicole!

  3. Hello, there. I'm new. You commented on my blog a few days ago? :)

    I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and poems. You're such a lovely writer, Nicole! This story hit me in the gut, but in a good way.



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