The LG Award

3:00 PM

Thank you Marykate for tagging me to do the LG award. :)

The Rules

+ No tag backs

+ You must give credit to the person who nominated you

+ Answer the 8 questions given to you by the person who
nominated you and then give 8 more questions to your nominees

+ Nominate 8 people and let them know that they were nominated (make
sure you link your blog url)

+ Put the award on your sidebar or a special page you have for
your awards

The Questions (for me)

1. Do you play minecraft?

Occasionally, yes. :)

2.What is your favorite time of year? (Christmas, fall, etc.)

Christmas for sure. It smells good and involves hot chocolate, family time, and sugar.

3.Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I found Liz at American Girl Fan's blog, and it inspired me to create my own blog. :)

4. What's your favorite drawing?

This one:

5. Are you a fangirl?


6. If you are a fangirl what do you fangirl over?

Anything and everything.

7. Cats or dogs?


8.Whats the craziest dream you've ever had?

One time I had a dream I drowned our neighbor's cat... And another time I had a dream where I was an apocalyptic survivor with Josh Hutcherson. They were both pretty cray cray. o.o

The Nominations

I nominate:

And whoever else would like to do this. :)

The Questions (for the nominees)

  1. Do you like answering questions?
  2. Do you watch YouTube? If so, who is your favorite YouTuber/channel?
  3. Favorite band?
  4. Favorite social media site?
  5. Up or down?
  6. Left or right?
  7. Celebrity crush?
  8. How was your day?
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Nicole Rose

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3 Sweet Notes

  1. Great answers! That's a very cute drawing :)

  2. Thank you Rose for the nomination! Love your answers :)

  3. I love your answers! Those dreams though.... (O_o) hehe =D

    ~Jess //


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