Another post where I try to uplift myself while conveying a repetitious message to my readers.

3:00 PM


[via pinterest] I kinda just want to curl up in bed right now and write/read/cry/sleep...

Sometimes I have a really hard time sitting myself down to write a post for my blog. There's a broad span of topics out there that my brain picks at random, and when I pick one to start writing about, I feel as though it's not good enough. My thoughts constantly say "someone could write this better" so I usually stop and push the writing away to be finished on another day.

Why do I do this to myself? I think it's because deep down, I'm afraid of what you guys will think. I'm afraid I'll write about something and it just won't live up to your standards - or even my own. I hate feeling as though I've failed someone, and I hate feeling as though I've failed myself, so I don't do anything. Which causes me to get stuck and feel like I've failed myself anyway. The whole ordeal is so confusing, yet its resolve is so simplistic.

I need to lower my expectations to a reasonable amount. I need to let go, be free. Be succulent (juicy) and wild. I don't need to care about what others think of me because they are themselves and I am uniquely me.

I am me.

No one else is going to be me.

So I may as well embrace it.

Thank you for reading this confusing post.

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6 Sweet Notes

  1. This is a great post! Also, your posts are always so great and they never disappoint me!

  2. I know that I've already commented but I want to say more. So, I've been reading your posts since the end of May (I've also looked through your archive and read past posts) and not one single one has disappointed me. Don't worry that your posts won't be good enough. All of your readers and I love everything you write and enjoy reading it. Your posts always reach high above my standards. I don't care about what subject you write on , I just want to read your writing! And, you have not failed us or failed yourself. Actually, you have done quite the opposite! Again, I love this blog! -Jollygirl from the blog: reflectionsofajollygirl.blogspot,com

  3. We would never be disappointed in your posts! Your writing is amazing:)
    I often feel the same, even though my blog is very young and not many people read it.
    Don't worry about what people say! Be yourself:)
    Kat//(Almost) Completely Mad

  4. Rose, I've always loved your posts. You convoy important messages in simple, honest words which are so beautifully written.
    I've meant to say more, but I really can't. You're the best, Rose. <3

    1. Did I say convoy? Not the right word at all. Convey*, there we go. ;)

  5. This is fantastic. And brave. Thank you!


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