Wake Me Up + A note to my writers critique group participants.

Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran

"I should ink my skin with your name
And take my passport out again
And just replace it
See I could do without a tan
On my left hand,
Where my fourth finger meets my knuckle
And I should run you a hot bath
And fill it up with bubbles."

I swear, Ed Sheeran is an angel sent from our God above to properly vocalize my feelings and thoughts...

+ + +

Thank you to those who signed themselves up for my writers critique group. I can't wait to work with you guys. Expect an introductory email from me soon. :)


  1. Oooo, I hope I'm part of your writing critique group (???)
    And I could not agree with you more - Ed Sheeran is definitely an angel sent from God. :)
    Thinking out Loud from Multiply is my favourite song at the moment. So. Beautiful. !!!


  2. Ed Sheeran actually has a tattoo that says, ''your name'' on his sleeve. Funny, isn't it? ;)


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