Why Do I Write?

3:00 PM

  1. Because it steals all my time.
  2. It helps me get lost in a (better) world.
  3. I enjoy the feeling of my own words and scenarios consuming me.
  4. It's invigorating to watch something I've created go from from three words, to three thousand words, and even to thirty thousand words.
  5. It allows me to vent and express what I'm feeling.
  6. In a way, it helps me reach out and communicate with others.
  7. Writing lets me build (or demolish) characters, places, things, and happenings.
  8. So I can feel what it's like to be someone else (and if i don't like it, I just go back to being myself).
  9. To expand my vocabulary and introduce new words into my life.
  10. I write to get better.
  11. Sometimes it guides me into a part of myself I didn't know existed.
  12. It opens my eyes to new things.
  13. After the words travel from my brain and out through my fingers to be expressed on a not so blank page in a Microsoft Word document, I can sit back, and stare at the crude creation that glows before my eyes. And I love that.
  14. I write to develop myself. Not only in the art of writing but in my own character and views.
  15. I write to learn about myself.

Why do you write?

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6 Sweet Notes

  1. I have a question, I was wondering how you put your pictures from Pinterest into your blog posts? I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Thanks! :)

    1. Hello! :)

      To answer your question, I usually just copy and paste the photos from Pinterest into my blog posts. Does that help? Or do you need more thorough instructions? :}

      Thank you for commenting. <3


    2. Ok, that helps, thanks! :)

  2. Your words just explained everything. This could not get any better. :)

    1. Oh, thank you Cindy. :) This comment brightened my day. <3

  3. all the same for me, my darling. (oh how you gracefully put these emotions into such words . . .) (heart)

    with love,


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