I've Unearthed Music.

3:00 PM

beats headphones

Wow... Where do I even begin? Well, I guess I should start with some thank you's. Thank you, Mackenzie or recommending Pandora to me. And thank you Pandora for giving me this musical gift. I was once restricted to Selena Gomez, and One Direction (which is not bad in any way. it's just...confining), but now I have the power to indulge and discover musical pieces by Shakira, Lady Gaga, Neon Trees, Katy Perry, Kesha, Lana Del Rey, Flo Rida and many, MANY more.

I hadn't realized how much I depend on music up until now. I listen to it while I work on blog designs, sometimes while I'm doing school, and when I go outside to swing with my sister.


Music has captivated me. And in a sense, it's healed me, enveloping my swollen mind and taking me away from the terrifying world--just as long as I keep my ear buds in.

What does music do for you?

Thank you for reading. <3

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1 Sweet Notes

  1. Music is such a relief! It's something we can always refer to. A lot of music is like poetry. I'm not really into One direction or Kesha, though... I don't find their music very philosophical :P although it is fun to blast it and dance like a lunatic.
    Do you know of the Arctic Monkeys? or Haim? You should check them out :D


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