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Pink Hair.

^ I feel like these photos are unnecessarily dramatic. :P But I shall share them anyway.

For Easter, I received pink hair dye. If you guys have been around long enough to read this post, you should know that I've had an obsession with colored hair for quite a while. And now that I've finally been able to experience the process of hair coloring; I sympathize those of you who have dyed your whole head. Just doing the ends of my hair was a challenge. It wasn't hard, per se, but since my mom was the one who did it, and I'm not that particularly patient...yeah... I was excited. The dye had to sit for around an hour. Fun fun, right? And then after all that waiting, it washed out in the shower (insert internal sobbing here). -_-

Oh well. I'm totally up for dying it again though. The color made me feel powerful and one of a kind. O-O

Also, I just thought I'd share with you this adorable cutie;


Meet Micheal Clifford. One of the members from 5SOS. I think we both share a love for colored hair. Just google him and look through the photos. He's so colorful. <3_<3 ...I wuv him.

What's your opinion on colored hair?

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. haha I've known you were obsessed with colorful hair for a while now. ;) I like it too and would love to put some color in at some point. :) And I love 5SOS. :D I'm glad they're opening up for 1D again during the American part of the WWA tour. :) I have tickets (they're not the best but they are TICKETS) to see them this fall. heehee I'm pretty excited and it seems surreal that I finally get to see them in concert, probably mostly 'cause it's so far off. Anyway. Enough of my silly ramblings. Fun post! :D

  2. <----------information here!
    you have been nominated for the sunflower blogger award!

  3. Anonymous8.5.14

    MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of them, but Ashton is my fave.... those boys make me feel very fainty..... - faints -

  4. Wow, that pink looks so cool on you! :) I think colored hair is fun, I'd like to dye part of mine blue sometime… :)


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