Clothes Don't Apply--In The Summer

3:00 PM

via | enjoy this random photo of the ocean.

No, it's not that kind of post. But I sure bet the post title caught your eye. ;)

Ahh. Summer. It is here my friends (or it everything is just cold and wet -.-). And as it rolls in--knocking Spring to the side--so does the heat. And thus my wardrobe drastically changes from sweatshirts and leggings to large (borrowed) shirts and shorts. It's also time to pull out the razor and shave away my still attached winter coat. -.-

Oversized shirt and shorts

^ something cute I wish I could wear. ^

*cough* Anyways. Summer. Lots of heat but also, lots of free time. My mother has decided my summer project is to learn how to drive. (Oh...yay... *sobbing consists in background*) And I hope to hang out with Kenz. But we'll see how June 6th goes. Also, I'm planning on getting lots of writing done, AND looking into (advanced) CSS and HTML for Blogger. AAAAAND I will hopefully take a writing class over the course of a few weeks. Maybe. I don't really know. I guess I gotta see how it goes?

Vintage Typewriter

Do you have any summer plans? :)

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8 Sweet Notes

  1. Sounds like a great summer! Have fun driving ;)
    Well, I am volunteering at our church's Track and Field Camp, and I hope to do a Theatre Camp :)
    -Anna <3

  2. enjoyed the picture of the ocean. ♥ anything ocean... ;)
    that outfit is indeed cute. :)
    a writing class...that sounds great...
    and, good luck with learning how to drive. XD my older sister is also learning how to drive, but since we live in South Africa, she's 18. (you have to be 18 to drive)
    also, I don't have any Summer plans. ABSOLUTELY SQUAT. simply because where I live, we're about to go into Winter.
    lovely post!
    Tane ♥

  3. ps: aren't I a bother? I'm wondering if you might know how to float the labels link to the left as well? :)

  4. pps: oops, I meant to the right. I just can't find the right code attachment for the label links.

  5. I nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog. ☻

  6. Where I live it's getting on to winter, not summer! I hope you have a lovely summer:)

  7. Driving is fun once you get the hang of it. Have a great summer!

  8. Sounds like you're going to have a fun summer :)

    P.S. Do you know of a code that will make the profile pictures of commenters a circle instead of a square?


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