words to use more often

3:00 PM

Your efficiency was omitted due to the fact that I loath your gruesome residency among us. And regardless of your delightful, lovely, proper, unique and dandy properties, you are not flawless. So on the behalf of everyone in our peckish realm, begone. Skedaddle. Do not stop to contemplate. Just allow us to dictate--or rather, discombobulate those of us who know the mayhap.

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*takes a deep breath* ...okay. Wow. I don't even know what I just wrote. o.O But I thought it would be cool to stop there, and see what you guys can come up with in the comments. ;)

What can story can you tell, using at least one of the words above?

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3 Sweet Notes

  1. Despite my winsome fetching enormity, I will have to contemplate my superfluous audacity to intrude. Oh, omit the loath of eminent accuracy.
    While I thrall to solitude, I dictate realm.
    And the dandy squabble will evolve.

  2. All that is lovely, beautiful, and delightful is not flawless, but rather breathtaking.

    ^^not a story, but something. it's so interesting some words are just ''born'' beautiful.^^


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