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On this day, two years ago...

If you would have walked up to me two years ago and said my best friend was going to be a flawless ginger who obsesses over books and the arms of beautiful boys, I wouldn't have believed you. (Because come on, who would say such a thing?) But if you told me that now...I'd probably block you out so I could focus on texting mah baby. Because this amazing soul who has the privilege to listen to me complain, and whine, and explode everyday, is my best(est) friend.

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to mah dearest, most flawless HG Buddy, Mackenzie.

( and Molly )

^^ Yeah, um, Kenz, remember when you sent me that photo
and you told me not to save it?
Well uh... I kinda saved it. >.<

^^ And just for the fun of it here's a photo of us together.
(plz ignore mah...face)

*sniffles* I miss you. <3

Now, today is a very special day, for Mackenzie and I. You see, it's our Friendship Anniversary (*squeals*) and I am just--SO FLIPPING EXCITED. \(O-O)/ Like. OMG. I CAN'T CONCENTRATE. I LOVE YOU BABY. *GLITTER* TWO YEARS. OH MY. CAPS LOCK. I WANNA HUG YOU AGAIN!

*cough* Sorry, sorry. I couldn't help it. I'm really that excited. Too excited. Way excited. O_O

Anyways; since it is our anniversary, I wanted to share with you guys our first conversational transaction. Here it is:

M: Oh I’m sorry, you accidentally emailed me, not Emma. :)

R: Oops! Sorry! LOL Hi! :)

Isn't she just so sweet?! She typed a smiley face and everything. o.o

Now for the story of what started our friendship;

Once upon a time a girl named Emma sent out a group email. Mackenzie (that's you baby) replied to it and then--wait for it...I accidentally replied to her email! Which explains the conversational transaction I shared with you guys above. Thank goodness I clicked the wrong reply button because if I hadn't, think about where we could be. [insert dramatic alternate universe here]

So...yeah. Here are some friendship photos to push out the awkwardness;

^^ Kenz made this for me. <3

^^ When we sent each other written I love you's.

^^ We virtually hug each other everyday. ;)

^^ *snorts* Silly girl. She thinks unicorns can fly.
(There's a story behind this, dear reader.
Remind me to tell you about it sometime.)

^^ *rolls eyes* Nah uh... But thank you. <3


^^ And just for the heck of it, here's our good-bye huggy. 

Before I go, I just have one thing to say;

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away."

I love you, Mackenzie.

NigglyWiggly. <3

January 14th, at 4:56 PM.
It's an HG Buddy thing, you wouldn't understand.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Aww.... *Sniffles* That was incredibly sweet. You two have the mosttt AWESOMEST friendship ever. :) Happy Anniversary!!! *sniffles again* I think I'm going to cry..... :)

  2. Awww! This is just the sweetest post, y'all are just too cute! #MacRozie ;) XD I know how special these days are, I hope you guys have had a wonderful Friendaversary <3

  3. "january 14th, at 4:56 pm" suddenly became a very important thing for me. rosie, darling, you and kenz fill my heart with the feels / make my day better just thinking about you / are lovely beyond words. xxx i second laurel & molly . . . *sniffles* it's the sweetest thing. <3 but the song at the end . . . too many friendship feels. I LOVE YOU TWO, OKAY? xoxox

  4. Oh my gosh it's been two years already! Boy times does fly by way too fast. Looks like it's time for celebration!!! *throws glitter in the air* Rose I would like you to meet Bob,he is a talking pink Llama that sounds like Scooby Doo. Bob this is Rose...Rose this is Bob.
    Bob: Wi Wose
    Me: Good Bob now let's celebrate!! *turns on music*
    Bob: *puts on Elevis wig and starts dancing*
    Me: Oh yeah party time *tries to dance*
    Bob: WO Wears WUv Wriendship
    Me: Two magical years
    Bob: Wuv WO Wirls
    Me: Yeah we love you girls! Many wishes from Bob and I! Come on Bob keys go visit Kakez.
    Bob: Weah

  5. This is brilliant. (: My best friend is named Kenzie and I'm pretty sure we've been best buds for two years, as well. XD


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