How To Customize Your Text Selection

Hello! Today I am to share with you how to customize colors of your text selection!
      Don't know what text selection is? When you click and drag across words on a page, to select text, text selection is that blue and white overlay.


1. Log into your blogger account and select the blog in which you'd like to customize.
2. Go to Template >> Customize >> Add CSS and paste the below code into the box.
3. Save your changes and voila!

::moz-selection {
background: #EEEEEE;
color: #999999;
::selection {
background: #EEEEEE;
color: #999999;

^^^ See the numbers and letters in bold? Those are colors codes. They're customize-able. :}

To change the color of the background of your text selection change BOTH of the "#EEEEEE" in the code to your preferred color choice. And to change the color of the text, change both of the "#999999" in the code.

Here's an example of customized text selection:

 photo a163d25d-cd53-47f1-88ac-27ca15598c16_zps2875eb3f.png

Tada! You now have a basic and customized text selection! :)
     If you have any questions or maybe if you tried this, leave a comment below! I hope this helped you. :)

thanks for reading. <3


  1. Yay Rosie!!
    I was just thinking about how you got it to do that. :)
    I shalt go...
    ~ Laurel

  2. Girl you are good....I could never figure that out

  3. Hey Rosie - is this for changing font or just color?

  4. Thank you for this!! xx


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