The Fog

3:00 PM

black and white.


   Her words were like music to his ears. Yet when the words were exhaled, curling out likes puffs of fog, released with her breath, everything around him got hazy. Confusion is what he felt. Confusion because he has heard theses words before. From another.
   She inhaled, ready to release the words again, but he turned, striding away into the fog her words created. She screamed for him. Pleaded in a pitiful manner of longing. She wished to move from her spot but with the fog already curling around her she knew she'd lose herself. She'd lose herself and possibly him too.
   So she let him go.

* * *

   In this scene, the fog is a resemblance of the confusing chaos life decides to dish out to us. It clouds our vision, overtaking, curling around our bodies with long fingers, coaxing us to come closer. Some people think they're so smart, by avoiding it. They think they can just walk around the fog and avoid what hides behind it. But the smart people, they are the ones who walk head on into the fog. They're intrigued by the misty folds in the air and allow it to guide them to their better purpose.
   Don't be like the girl. Don't hold back because you're scared. Don't hold back because you think by cheating the fog you'll gain something in return (the ability to see yourself, where you are--who you are). You'll only cheat yourself.
   Walk into the fog.
   I dare you.

thanks for reading. <3

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  1. Oooooooh, wow. Yes. Wow. Love.

    1. ^^ this girl keeps reading my thoughts. ◕-◕

  2. Thanks for this :)

  3. well someone must have positively & creatively inspired me! you've been nominated:


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