What are you thankful for?

3:00 PM

A small list of the things I am truly, madly, (and) deeply thankful for:

*in no specific order*
  1. Life--the capability to breathe.
  2. The needs I have--the roof over my head, my loving family, food piled high on my plate.
  3. My friends--you, my fabulous reader, I am thankful for.
  4. Words--sometimes they are the only thing I can turn to.
  5. One Direction--...they make me happy.
  6. Books--oh those beautiful escape routes.
  7. Past experiences--though they haven't all been pleasant, those experiences have made me who I am today.
  8. Music--another escape.
  9. Purpose--I'm still looking for it. But when I find it, I know I'll be thankful for it.
  10. Tumblr--Tumblr knows what's happenin'.
  11. Those songs that explain my current situation--the lyrics seem to tend my wounds.
  12. Car rides with the windows down--and when I have sunglasses on...I feel like I'm in a music video.
  13. Surgery--because without it, my dad wouldn't be here.
  14. Josh Hutcherson--his face is beautiful. And so are his words.
  15. Movies--with popcorn, blankets, and the sun well below the horizon. The whole shebang.
  16. Limitations--I can't really explain this one.
  17. "Pedophilic texters"--I can't explain this one either.
  18. Singing (off key)--because singing helps too.
  19. Dancing in the kitchen--sway those hips.
  20. "You're not alone."--...I'm not?
  21. Television--it's quite a blessing.
  22. Memories--the good and the bad.
  23. Slipping back and realizing I'm really ahead--this is...non-explainable too.
  24. Laughter--it's always great when someone else's laughter is ringing in your ears.
  25. Mackenzie--because without you, I know I wouldn't be where I am today.

Thank you for reading. <3

Merry Thanksgiving.

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  2. Totally. ! One Direction? Are we ever thankful:)


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