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Allegiant || No spoilers just...sadness.

*We interrupt today's usual scheduled program so that Rose may sob/rant/express herself to you, her diligent reader. Beware of what lies ahead.*

You know a book is great when your heart is ripped out and then fed to you--in the sense that only a true fangirl/lover of the book(s), who has really connected with the author, can feel and experience. I often wonder why I do this to myself. Why do I make myself feel these drastic and catastrophic emotions? I mean, I am constantly reading these beautiful, extraordinary words that consume my soul and have this power to break me apart and drown me in my own depression.

Sometimes I tell myself it's pointless. The emotional experience attached to this epic journey is just not worth what it does to me. But I keep doing it. Because even though there are all these bad times, all these negative experiences that make me want to turn away, and not look back, I keep doing it.

I keep doing it and I'd say it's worth it in the end.

* * *

So, uh, as you can see, I am in one of those depressed/inspired moods. I finished Allegiant and let me just tell you; it's brutal. Toward the end tissues are a necessity. I'm a not crier--or at least I tell myself that--and I definitely shed a few tears.

I had a theory with this book. My theory proved to be correct and... *sigh/huff/sob* I just hate it when I'm right! Curse my magnificent mind that sees the future! <-- Okay Rose, let's not get ahead of ourselves. o.O

Anyway, um...yeah, Allegiant is bad/good/sad/happy/horrible/amazing. I definitely recommend you read the Divergent trilogy. The pain is well worth it my friends. Trust me.

Gosh, I just don't know what else to say. Oh! I know; if any of you feel comfortable, please send me comfort hug in the comment box below. Rosie needs all the comfort she can get. o-o

Now, if you would please excuse me. I need to go find Kenz, so that she may hold me while I sob into her shirt.

"Be brave."

thanks for reading. <3


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  2. Ohhh Rosie, I understand what you're going through, I underwent the exact same torment a few weeks ago, it hurts, it hurts so bad. *Le huggles* It gets better, I promise. I live to tell the tale.


  3. I know sweetie,it's super hard. That book was the end of me. It really was. And if you need anything I'm here for you.

  4. *hugs you tightly* It will get better, Rose. I promise. I know I was experiencing the same heartache when I completed the book as well. It is horrible in the beginning but as time passes, it becomes easier for you to bear.

  5. Aw, I'm so sorry. :( *reaches through computer screen to give Rose a hug* That sounds horrible. I've never really been as into books as you are. I usually just read books because I like the story and the writing, I never really go much further than that. I guess it's less about the experience for me. :P Oh well. I hope you feel better though, Rose!! (Well of course you will!) :)
    - your friend, Priya

  6. *comfort hug* :)

  7. *hug* All of y'all's reactions to this book makes me question my desire to read it. haha I don't want my heart torn out, crushed, ripped to shreds, burnt and tramped on. BUT I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. SO I MUST READ IT! haha

  8. I know its hard Rosie *hugs*
    Its okay. I promise. *nods*
    Be brave ♥


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