"It's all been done."

3:00 PM

Messy bun

The things I say have already been said.

The thoughts I think have already then thought.

The smells, the movements, the gestures, expressions;

it's all been done.

I'm told to be unique.

How will I be unique in a world where everything's already been completed?

* * *

This is how I feel with, like...everything.

thanks for reading. <3

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9 Sweet Notes

  1. Thank you for letting me know that I am not the only one undergoing these thoughts and feelings; it's rather frustrating at times, is it not? :o

  2. me too, Rose. <3

  3. . . . But they are new to those around you. . .you are what makes it unique . . . For you are unique when you don't even try. . .
    Just felt like adding that :)
    That was lovely, by the way <3

    1. Christina, you are beautiful. Every uplifting comment you leave says more than what I could even hope to say. xx

    2. Wow, thank you! I-I'm shocked! That means so much to me! :)

  4. Hey, Rose, the words may have already been said but YOU haven't said them all yet. You don't need to try to be unique. You are. Trust me. We love you.

    1. ^^ You're beauitfully eloquent, too, Sarah. I know those words were for Rose, but they do mean a good deal to me. Thank you.

    2. @Les V. xxxxx and thank you. :)

  5. rosie, this is exactly how i feel. i want to make a difference in the world, but i often feel like everything has already been done. don't we all? <3

    xx emma || http://emmakate101.blogspot.com


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