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A post in which I...






[attempt to] Inspire.






* and let it be said you were advised before reading *

. It's stupid, isn't it? And hard. So. Freaking. Hard. It's depressing, and frustrating. It's melted and twisted; crumbling and falling to pieces around us. We're like flowers attempting to grow between the cracks in the pavement. Everyday we think we reach daylight, we're stepped on and crushed, wondering if it's worth the time and effort to grow again.

Maybe none of you feel this way. Maybe I'm alone and it's just my life influenced by my own helpless soul, but I must get this out. I must share with you my burdened words before they intertwine and tangle themselves into something far worse than their present state.

Times are tough. We I know this. Not only in an economical sense, but in the world's disastrous events we call our memories and/or futures. What have becomes of us, the human beings who have inherited and overcome the beautiful Earth the Great Lord hath given us? We've become torturers. Maniacal gun shooting, fire breathing, danger building personages who tell each other they're too fat/skinny/tall/short/loud/quiet/gay/racial/ect. Do you not see your own faults [but of course, none of the things I have listed are faults. they are...fate.]? What happened to sweeping off your own doorstep before attacking your neighbors with put downs?

Ahh, but maybe you do. Maybe everyone is more alike than we think we are. I mean, we all breathe the same air, and live the same lives, do we not? And if you're like me your burdens and flaws are not only what you face in the mirror, but are in your mind--something you can't exactly turn away from.

And with all this, I still have not got out what I want to say. Oh well. Maybe the inspiration--and right words--will come to me another day.

So, I leave with you this phrase;

Sometimes the song
stuck in your head,
isn't the music
you need to hear

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose


  1. Sigh. We live in a broken world full of disaster and selfish greed, it's set in human nature to sin, it always has been and sadly, it always will be, all we can do is hope and pray for things to get better.
    That is a lovely quote... Definitely true, and interesting. Gives you something to think about...

    Stay flawless,
    xoxo Molly

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Rosie, that's exactly how I'm feeling. Right now I just want to give you a hug- I really do. Things here on Earth have gotten far worse than we ever expected them to, and sometimes I feel like they're just going to get worse...and worse. We as bloggers are here for each other, so if you ever need someone to talk to, you have all of us. <3

    xx emma ||


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xx Nicole Rose

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