08 September 2013


Wind whipping.
Feet slipping.
I need to get away.

Breaths heavy.
Heart unsteady.
I can't go back; everything's disarray.

Tears falling.
Names calling.
They cannot make me stay.

whilst the world transforms || i am left to walk this worn road [alone]

thanks for reading this interesting post. <3
xx Nicole Rose


  1. I love this post. <3 Like for real. It is flawless. :)

    Xoxo, kayla

  2. i love this!! your poems are so cool. ;)

  3. "she ran on very steady and never wavering; even the falcon, that hawk that flies lightest of winged creatures, could not have paced her,..."
    that's from the odyssey of homer (reading it for school). it reminded me of your post, so i thought i'd share. xx.


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