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*giggles* I haven't even started yet and I'm bursting into awkward fits of laughter. o.O *clears throat* Alright Rose, you can do this. •-•

So, we all like water parks, right? ...okay, well, most of us do. I, personally, don't like the waiting in line part. Or the sun burn part. Or the cuts on the bottom of my feet from the scratchy flooring--okay, off-topic. Well, what I'm trying to say is, there's a water park where I live. Such a great attraction. It's by our zoo. :) And has some pretty nice/epic water slides [note: body slides are a no no. unless you want a scar on your back. -_- ] But, there's also a wave pool.

The Wave Pool:

The popular pool where people can swim around with others until the buzzer sounds [signaling the waves are about to be turned on] and all heck breaks loose. •-•

Caution, upon entering this pool you may get jammed into people, stepped on, flashed, drowned, and/or rudely shoved by people who think they are better than you.

See? Such a lovely placel. •-•

Okay, the real reason for this post is to tell you what I have 'invented'. It's called... *drum roll* ...whaling. Hence, the post title.

Whaling: The Back Story.

How was whaling invented? Well, I was in the wave pool, trying my best not to drown or knock into anyone when this kid comes through, telling us to "whale wave" or something when he say "wave". Or at least, that's what I thought I heard. o.O So, I was asking my nearby siblings how you "whale wave" and neither of them knew. So I demonstrated what I thought it was--which meant making weird sounds, falling back into the water, and giggles. It developed on it's own from there. •-•


To do this awesome move you must first make sure you can swim. Then, you must find the proper wave to "whale" into. But, of course, if you have no waves, doing this waveless shouldn't kill you.

Step 1: Make sure the area around you is free of other bodies. You don't want to whack anyone while you're whaling!

Step 2: When you see a wave approaching [and decide that it is a good time to whale] jump into the air. Now, wiggle slightly while gravity does the rest. You may want to close your mouth, so no water enters your body.

Step 3 [optional]: While whaling you may make weird whale-like sounds. Through text it look like this: MMMEEEERGH. Try it. You know you want to. •-•

And that, is how you go whaling. Quite silly. But fun.

[please enjoy a picture of a whale, whaling. thank you google, for the photo. :]


Who knew it could be so fun?

What do you think of "whaling"? o.O

thanks for reading. <3


  1. that looks like a lot of fun!! :D

  2. Niiiice!!! That definitely sounds like something I would do. So I totally tried the whale noise when I read it and now I can't stop laughing. Thanks for that. You're awesome. But you already knew that. I will continue to tell you that even though you obviously know.

    *The person you don't know who comments on your blog and ends up rambling every time*

  3. Wow, that is really creative. Sounds fun to try in a pool if you don't have a handy ocean nearby. ;)

    Also, I ADORE this blog design. ADORE.

    Love yourself,

  4. bahhhahaah XD
    I count stop laughing while I read this.
    Probably because I laugh about..erm everything XD
    We are whale people. XD

  5. *bursts into laughter* Oh Rosie! You know just what to say, to make my day! XD Thank you, for this. <3 I will try whaling next time I go swimming. :} You are just pure genius, yah know that?




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