The [Magical] Transportation System

1:30 PM

[photo via pinterest]

They are such magical things.
Who knew that a [big] bunch of words could just...
take you somewhere?
Ease you into a [magical] transformation.
Help you learn lessons.
Tell you how different people react to different things.
Teach you new words.
Or help you escape the world, even if it's just for a moment?

Books are a big part of my life.
They are my [magical] transportation system.

thanks for reading this short post. <3

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2 Sweet Notes

  1. me too, Rose, me too. :) i struggle so much with finding books that i often don't read for days because it's too stressful. gahh it would be so much easier if i like popular books. :(

  2. Tag, you're it! :)


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