Latest Obsession: Colored Hair

Colored Hair Gorgeous. I could rock this with a tan. If I could get a tan... LoVE

colorful hair

Colored Hair Colored Hair

purple colored hair gel

[ thank you pinterest, for these lovely photos. <3 ]

It all started when I wanted to create a character for a story my "creativity sparker" and I are writing--oh jeez, I just remembered. I need to get started on that. >.<

*cough* Anyways, like I was saying, it all started when I wanted to create a unique character for our story. And for some wacky reason, the first thing that popped into my quirky little head was: electric blue hair. So, I scourewe ♥ it --which didn't help. Like, at all. \(-_-)/ --and when that didn't work, I scoured Pinterest. For many hours. ...okay, okay. More like a half an hour. But you get my point. At first, I was just looking for an idea, on how to describe the hair. And now, I have a whole Pinterest board not only dedicated to electric blue hair, but to all hair colors a human being could ever encounter...

colorful hair

So...yes. Colored hair, my latest obsession. :}

What's your latest obsession? :)

thanks for reading. <3


  1. That second picture is gorgeous! :)

  2. My hair isnt colored colored its just a really vibrant orange-ish red. Its sorta annoying.
    My obsession lately is hmm...i dont know. Id have to think..XD

    1. Orange-ish red? It sounds beautiful. <3
      Hehe, okay. You keep thinking, while I stare at these lovely photos of colored hair. o.O

  3. MWHAHAHA! THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF ME! ;D're welcome. :}

    The model in the sixth picture looks exactly like you! But you are much more flawless of course...

    my latest obsession? well, thanks to you, i think it would have to be colored hair as well... more like dip dye. <333 but I was sorta already obsessed with that... hmm... i'd have to get back to you on that-- wait! duct tape. BAM! end of story.

    lovely post my dear!


    MWHAHAHAHA I am so evil. >.<

    I WUV YOU!

    1. And I thank you, VERY much. :)

      Whoa, really? :-o

      Hehe, really? :) OMG duct tape. <3

      thanks girly.


      You are... Just kidding, just kidding. ;}

      I WUV YOU TOO!


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