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Kings Island Visit || Roller Coaster Heaven

On August 10, 2013, I got up at around 8:00 in the morning to get ready for my visit to Kings Island. I was excited and nervous, ready to ride the roller coaster I haven't been able to see since 2011... But we'll get to that later.

[all photos via google]

Ahh...the glorious sign of the glorious place.

We arrived at around noon, pumped with cameras at the ready. We took photos in front of the sign [above] and had our picture taken by random employees ready to sell us photos for twenty bucks a piece--and they weren't even that good. o.O

Viking's Fury

After pushing aside the photographers and making our way through the slightly crowded path, we found our first ride of the day. As you see in the photo above, you sit in this "ship" and it rocks you--and let me tell you, that thing is huge in real life. As it gets to its highest rock/swing you can see the sky and AHH, it's just great. An indescribable experience, really. :}

Next was lunch. Kinda boring, but it was a really cool dinner theater experience.

Flying Ace Arial Chase

We waited in line for at least half an our for this bad boy--and it took less than a minute to ride. Well... at least our food had time to settle...

Surf Dog

Ahh!! I loved this! We waited forever--and played twenty questions while we were in line. XD But while we rode, there was this little boy and he started crying...I wanted to hold him and tell him it was okay. o.O

Stunt Coaster

Okay, this thing is seriously the best thing ever [we waited in line for AT LEAST two hours...and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT]. It started out all faster then we went WEE-OH, WEE-OH, WEE-OH, on this corkscrew thing and then we stopped and there was this helicopter with all this BANG BANG! And then there was this WOOSH with the fire and then just blackness with so many turns and twists and...yeah. It was awesome.

The Racers

OMG THE RACERS! I. Love. These. GO RED, GO RED, GO RED! ~(>.<)~

Drop Tower

If you thought I rode are wrong. I've found out on this trip that I am seriously afraid of heights--which isn't cool because roller coasters typically start off with high hills. Anyways, my friend's brother rode this with his girl that was a "friend" [idk man, but these two had a connection. o.O] and the rest of us kinda just watched and let the breeze of the dropping tower whip our hair around.

The Beast

Okay, this thing is AWESOME. Quite rickety, since it's one of the longest wooden roller coasters ever [the next day I had a very sore back and neck] and the line was long [s-so c-claustrophobic...] but I loved it. While we were waiting this line we somehow struck up a conversation with this very talkative girl in front of us. Let's just say, in a matter of minutes, I knew where she lived, how often she came here, what grade she was in and so much more. o.O [but I don't think she even told us her name...]

The Diamondback


Sadly, I did not get the chance to ride this marvelous-ness. It kept getting stuck [insert panic] and the line was forever long. Curse this ride for being so amazing!  \(-_-)/

And so, that concludes today's episode of; Adventures With Rose! Tune in next time to hear me talk complain about rickety swing sets and bees! [haha, just kidding...maybe. O.o]

What do you think about roller coasters? :}

thanks for reading. <3


  1. Hahahaha, sounds awesome!! I've only been to an amusement park once, and the roller coaster scared each and every one of us except our dad, so we haven't ever gone back. :P
    Love it!

    1. It was. ;) And aww, I'm sorry. :-/
      Thank you. <3


  2. wow i wish i could do that! :P i'm afraid of roller coasters. the only roller coaster i've been on is a mild one, goofy's barnstormer in disney world. i closed my eyes the entire time. :( looks like you had a lot of fun though!

    1. in a way, i think i am too. but i love the thrill and the rush i get from these rides. it's to be able to step out of my comfort zone be free every once in a while, no? ;)
      that ride sounds fun! on the stunt coaster [see above] i'll admit, i may have closed my eyes...
      i did. XD

      thanks for commenting!


  3. I love roller coasters! :) King's Island looks like so much fun! I went to Great America once and it was awesome! Haha, you're hilarious. :D

    1. Me too. <3 It was! :) That sounds fun! Hehe, thank you. XD

  4. Oh man! This post makes me want to go back to King's Island!!! I love roller coasters! The thrill of them is addicting!


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