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Have you found yourself yet?

Recently I met this girl. She was energetic, talkative, and loved being the center of attention - but she wasn't that bubbly, perky, type of girl who just gets on your nerves, you know? Well, anyway, somehow we ended up talking about what we were going to with our lives [or something along those lines] and the first thing I said was; I want to be a writer. Her reply was blunt and to the point; I hate writing with a passion.

Now, at first, I was offended. My mind was screaming "How the heck could you not like writing? Writing is a way of life! *rant, rant rant*" But then I stopped and thought about it.

We all want and desire different things [and we all have different goals of what we want to become]. These are our God-given desires. Whether they be a part of our life or something we strive to be, we all want something; a certain place on this round planet we call home.

For an example, let's use you, my [wonderful] reader. Maybe you want to be a writer too. Or an artist. A dancer, a singer, an actor. Maybe you want to put yourself out there, telling the world your name and hoping they'll echo it back in joyous acceptance. Maybe you like your quiet corner of the world, where everything is your own and there is no one around to bother you.

Or maybe you don't know what you want yet.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, 
the urge to reach your full potential...
these are the keys that will unlock 
the door to personal excellence.

You may not know what your soul purpose is yet - and I'm not telling you to rush out the door or rip through the books you own to look for it. But if you want to find it, you'll have to look within yourself, and have "the will to win, the desire to succeed", and eventually, you "will unlock the door to personal excellence".

Have you found yourself yet?

xx Nicole Rose


  1. So true, we all have our gifts and our dreams. I want to be many things...I'd like to do something like teaching for my main job, and then sew, act, and write on the side. Crazy? Maybe, but it's just an idea...:)
    Great design! I love the circle thingy. ;)

    1. Crazy? Naw--I support you. Busy? Maybe a little. ;)
      Hehe, thank you. :)


  2. Number 1, I LOVE the new design, it's GORGEOUS. The last one was awesome but I absolutely think this one is amazing!!!!
    and second, as of right now, I know what I *want* to do with my life, I want to be a missionary in Uganda. But a little over a year ago? I would have said I had. no. idea. I didn't and still don't see a problem with that, I say live life while your young and let that work itself out when you *actually* need to know that. My friends have their entire lives planned out, I say it's a waste. Ultimately, what I do with my life is GOD'S plan, so why waste time planning it myself, when God already has it worked out?
    Well there's my little rant/rambling. haha.

    Stay flawless,

    1. Aww, thank you Molly. <3 And oh, that's great! I'm glad you know what you want to do. I agree with you, 100%
      I must say, I do enjoy your rambling comments. :}

      stay awesome

  3. darling, that was flawless. just flawless. I needed to read something like that. <3 thank you.I couldn't agree more with the words you wrote up there.

    and the new design, OHMYGOSH *le dead* Y U SO PERFECT?!?!? I guess we'll never know.

    hugs and kisses,


    1. aww, thank you my dear. :) oh, it was my pleasure. it was nice to find inspiration from daily life. o.O i'm so happy you agree. <3

      and *blushes* thank you. that really means a lot coming from you...

      glitters fights and cuddle time,


  4. :)

  5. (another) flawless post! i am one of those people with no idea what i want to do. in time, i hope that in time i'll be able to see the "the will to win" and the "desire to succeed" in myself, because right now i can't. your new design is so BEAUTIFUL! you are such a talented graphic designer! what programs do you use? i really want to try and do some more graphic designing, because it's really fun. :)

    1. Aww, thank you. and don't worry, you'll find your desire/s soon... hehe, thanks. XD I use Inkscape, mainly. Though I do use PicMonky from time to time. :)

    2. thank you, Rose. :) cool, thanks! i'll check that out.

  6. Anonymous29.8.13

    this is beautiful. :)
    I love love love your new design and I'm not just saying that, because I really do love it. *takes a moment for a breath* Okay, I think I'm done. :p


    1. thank you. :)
      aww, thank you so much! :D



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