Elegant Blogger Award

1:30 PM

Thank you to the ever so elegant girls who nominated me; AnnaEmma, & Kenz.
You're all too kind. :)

Hehe, I guess I'm elegant. ;)
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1. What made you decide to start blogging?

I believe when I saw Liz's blog/website [American Girl Fan] I was deeply inspired to create my first blog, Loving Your American Girl Doll--which is now "archived".

2. What is your fashion style?

As Anna said; horrible. XD Okay, okay, maybe it's not that bad. If anything my style would be comfy--mama loves her sweatshirts. <3

3. What is something none of your followers know about you?

Now there's a question I didn't expect to see. Erm...my alter ego is [apparently] a unicorn...? <-- Don't judge. I'm trying to get it "legally" changed to something else. -_-

4. What are some of your blogging goals?

*smacks lips* Um...I guess I really want to inspire people, and as a bonus getting/having tons of followers would be nice. :}

5. Where is your favorite place to shop?


oh yah baby. B-)

6. What would your ideal amount of blog followers be?

Ideal amount? Erm...usually I'm not content with such an amount of, um...companions that trail behind me in my journey through the blogging world, so...yeah. I guess you could say I don't have an "ideal amount". The more the merrier, right?

7. What are your talents?

Hmm...usually, right off the bat I would say dancing but that was never really a talent, so... I guess writing. Maybe, web/graphic design [ehh, sorta not really]. Um...another one of my [awkward] talents is fangirling; which includes squealing, jumping, talking really fast, hyperventilating--you know, the whole "shebang".

8. Are you a leader or a follower?

I am a follower who wishes to lead, but never knows where to go. o.O

9. What is one of your favorite quotes?

Oh jeez, um...this is hard. I have so many favorites yet I don't remember any of them. O.o So... I'm just gonna go with this:

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

10. Do you have a favorite book or book series?


11. Out of all of the synonyms for elegant, which would you describe yourself with (smart - stylish - dressy - graceful - dainty - fine)?

Uh...graceful...? :}

12. What is your favorite flower?

...I like roses...

* * *

I tag...anyone who wants to do this. Because *scrolls through dashboard* it looks as if almost everyone I know has already done this... XP

Welp, that's all for now!

thanks for reading. <3
xx Nicole Rose

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4 Sweet Notes

  1. Thrift stores are the best! :D I like that George Eliot quote.

    1. Agreed. :) And me too. <3


  2. *claps hands* Beautiful, just beautiful... Hey, Liz made me want to start blogging too! Along with some other ones... *cough* yeah.

    I love you!! <3


    1. *bows* Thanks dearie. •-• Hehe, really? :}

      I LOVE YOU MORE! <3



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